If you are looking to get hitched when the Covid-19 crisis has passed, you might be keen on saving some cash when planning your big day. With the economic markets more uncertain than ever, redundancies looming, and health worries ever-present, you don’t want to be frivolous with your spending. However, this doesn’t mean that you should put off your wedding any longer. You may have already postponed your big day because you want to celebrate with more than the thirty peplple currently allowed according to government guidelines. Being frugal is an art and you can apply this thriftiness to your big day. Take a look at how you can save money on your wedding.

Spend Money Wisely

You should have a budget for your wedding that you can stick to. Make a list of those big-ticket spends such as the venue, your dress and your rings. The most important aspect to your wedding will be the things that last beyond the big day such as your rings. Opt for the classic range of diamond engagement rings and settings when checking out styles for your engagement ring. Also, consider the sorts of wedding bands you could choose, from white gold to achingly cool titanium. Don’t go cheap for your rings as this will be on your fingers forever.

However, when it comes to your dress, that one-time wonder, you can be a little more frugal. Think about opting for a style that exudes your personality. 1920s style flapper dresses or 1950s knee high designs are great for those brides who love all things retro. They are also cheaper than their traditional meringue equivalents.


If you are keen to venture off on a honeymoon after you have got hitched, don’t go for the five star luxury far-flung holiday and opt for something a little more restrained. Now is not the time to overspend on your honeymoon. You could even stay in your own country and go on a honeymoon road trip with your betrothed. This would keep your honeymoon cheap and a lot of fun, especially if you don’t mind slumming it and love the idea of an outdoors adventure. You could also be an earlybird and grab a deal by booking your honeymoon well in advance. While a little risky because Covid-19 is still present, you should be covered if you secure comprehensive honeymoon and travel insurance.


Everyone sees themselves as handy with a camera nowadays. Smartphones are better than ever at helping the novice photographer become a David Bailey type artist. Think about inviting your guests to upload their images of your big day to a site like Instagram and using a personalised hashtag for your wedding. This will collate all of your photos online and you can pick the best of the bunch to create an album and memory book. You could also leave some old school polaroid style cameras on tables so you get instant hard copy memories from your wedding.

Follow this guide and you can save money on your wedding.

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