One of the best ways to reduce plastic waste is to reuse grocery bags after you bring them home from the store. Billions of plastic bags make their way to landfills and oceans due to indiscriminate dumping. As responsible consumers, it’s up to you to ensure all the plastic bags you collect is either sent out to recycling plants or they are re purposed and reused at home.

Local shops order personalised carrier bags online to give them out to customers and to promote their store. While a lot of people want to ban these plastic carrier bags altogether, a better approach is to educate consumers to recycle and reuse. Let’s face it, plastic bags do serve a purpose. It’s not the plastic bag that’s at fault it’s the indiscriminate dumping.

If we don’t change our dumping habi, tomorrow it’s going to be something else that’s polluting our oceans and rivers. As a society, we need to take responsibility. It starts by taking care of our garbage problem by reducing our waste. That can only happen if we start repurposing and reusing.   

Why Are Plastic Bags Versatile Building Materials?

Regular plastic grocery bags make great building materials for craft projects. Mainly because they are lightweight, flexible, waterproof, and significantly durable. Plastic bags can be woven to create objects and best of all they come in all sorts of colors. If you think about it, they are much like LEGO pieces waiting to be assembled into something special. With that being said, following are 3 incredibly useful things you can craft from used plastic bags.

Fashioning Pots for Plants: If you have an indoor or outdoor garden, then you already know the cost that goes into buying planters and pots. Thankfully, if you have 8 to 10 plastic bags lying around you can make your own flower pot at home. Plastic bag pots are sturdy and they can be made in all different sizes. Once you master the weaving technique, you can even alternate between two different colors of plastic bags to create a unique pattern.

Making Rope: Right from skipping rope to rope for hanging clothes, making ropes from plastic bags is a fairly easy project. The best thing about plastic bag ropes is that they are water resistant. They are also pretty durable. Making rope from plastic bags requires no tools or special skills. Once you are addicted, you will never run out rope again. Considering the fact that ropes are often required for various household purposes you will always find new reasons to make them.

Weaving Plastic Bag Sandals or Slippers: While it’s not something you can start creating right away, making sandals from plastic bags is a popular DIY craft. Just start by watching a few DIY tutorial videos, there are plenty of them out there. Once you master the weaving technique, you can make plastic bag slippers and sandals for all your family members and friends. You will never throw away a single plastic bag after you know how to make something this awesome.


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