Being a parent is weird as you almost live multiple lives. Obviously, you live your own life, but you also live vicariously through your children. You share their experiences and feel like you’re on the journey with them. Throughout this journey, you will come across all sorts of different events. Some of these events are much bigger than others and will stand out when you look back on your life. With that in mind, here are the top four life events every parent should prepare for.

Secondary school

When your child goes to secondary school, it feels like your whole world is turning upside down. This is the first time you realise that your baby is no longer your baby. They’re growing up, and time is moving too fast. It’s an emotional moment, and you need to prepare for the realisation that your child is becoming a teenager. Alongside this, you’ve got to prepare for everything else that entails – like learning how to cope with your kid’s mood swings!

Learning to drive

A few years later, your child will be old enough to drive a car. Yes, this will seem absolutely crazy when it happens! It’s another reminder that they’re quickly approaching adulthood, so prepare for that. 

Moreover, you should prepare financially for this moment. Will you save up to buy a new car for your child? Will you need to get insurance for your current family car? There are loads of things to consider, but you should definitely line them up with some driving lessons. This ensures they can start learning as soon as they’re old enough – even if you secretly wish they don’t!

Finishing secondary school

As you’ve just come to terms with the fact that your baby is now a young adult, you’re hit with the news that they’re finishing secondary school. This is such a crazy time for parents as your child will be really stressed. Their future depends on their exam results, and they’ve probably had many university interviews. During this time, you should offer as much support as possible. Even if it means you buy them study books or accompany them to interviews – every little helps! Then, deal with the emotional side of accepting your child is going to go off to uni. 

Moving out

Fast forward a few more years, and you’re at the most emotional point in your life. This is it, your child is moving out. They’re about to fly free from the nest and look after themselves. Nothing can prepare you for this, and you’ll probably be an emotional wreck for a week or two. Thankfully, it’s a lot easier if you have other children still in the house! After a few months, you start to realise that certain things are better without your child there anymore. It sounds harsh, but you have significantly less washing to do!

Those of you with young children will feel like all of these moments are many moons away. That might be true, but you’ll be stunned at how quickly time flies. It’s worth preparing for these events, so you know what to expect when they arrive.

*Collaborative post

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