4 Great Ways to Make Your Home Child-Friendly

Children are our pride and joy and so we will do everything we can to protect them from harm. A home is a place where a child should feel safe and nurtured as well as being an enjoyable haven in which to grow. Here are 4 great ways to make your home child-friendly.

Install Safety Equipment

Houses are full of potential hazards. However, products are available to purchase that can help prevent accidents. Gates can be attached to staircases to stop children from climbing up, or indeed, falling down the stairs.

Childproof locks can be fitted to cupboard doors as well as drawer fronts to ensure that dangerous materials do not fall into the wrong hands. Cushioning on sharp corners of furniture can be used to prevent physical injuries if a child should fall onto them.

Keep a Clean Home

It is imperative to keep the home as clean and dust-free as possible, especially when children are young and crawling about on the floor. Dust can cause breathing difficulties and allergies, so it’s especially vital to ensure that it is cleared away as efficiently as possible using a reliable vacuum cleaner. There are many types of vacuum cleaner available – upright, cylinder, bagless, cordless, wet/dry. Many brands are also available, so it’s a good idea to do some research before purchasing. From opinions on Dyson cleaners to reviews of Shark vacuums, spend a bit of time investigating which might be the best brand and vacuum style for the household.

Surfaces must be cleaned regularly with disinfectant to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses that can cause illness in children. Washing of hands before eating and cooking is vital and also after using the bathroom.

Make it an Enjoyable Place to Be

To reach their full potential, it helps if a child is happy in their home, and they find it an enjoyable place in which to be. Including children in daily household tasks can make them feel like they are valued and useful, as well as teaching them about responsibility, work ethic, and ownership.

Listening to your child and valuing their opinions will give them confidence. Doing fun activities together will help develop their learning and well being. Activities such as arts and crafts or creating a child-friendly garden can be useful for enhancing their knowledge of flora and fauna as well as keeping them fit and healthy with exercise and fresh air.

Indulge Their Creative Side

The bedroom is a child’s refuge. Allowing them to decorate it with their ideas will make it all the more comfortable and exciting. Painting walls with murals or in bright colours will transform a space. Constructing dens under beds or reading nooks created in corners will add an element of fun.

Colourful bedroom accessories such as curtains, rugs, pictures, and toys can bring a personal touch and mirror the child’s personality. Expression in this form may help build confidence and enhance creativity in a child.

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