Chronic pain seems to go hand in hand with being a mother – you could almost say it’s part of the job description! All parents can feel pain, but mums seem to get it worse than others. It’s not hard to identify why; mums will go through a physically demanding process whenever they give birth. This can change your life forever and lead to problems that last for many years. Loads of mums suffer from back pain and hip issues as a result of childbirth. They’re not overly severe, but they inhibit your daily routine and make life a bit less enjoyable. 

Additionally, the labours of being a mother will soon catch up with you. Looking after kids is a physically demanding job that will have you on your feet for hours on end. You’ve also got to carry your child a lot, bend down to pick up their toys – you’re asking for problems! Of course, this is all part of being a mum. So, what can you do to deal with your chronic pain? 

See a specialist

There’s no point in sitting around letting your pain get worse and worse. That’s what will happen, by the way, it might not seem too bad now, but it will worsen if left untreated. See a specialist, like a physiotherapist, chiropractor, or osteopath. Any of these will do, and they will have a look at your body to find the source of the pain. 

From here, they put you on a rehab routine to deal with the pain. In some cases, this is more about pain management than anything else. The aim is to reduce the amount of pain you feel every day. In other cases, you can actually cure your problem. It all depends on the cause and how bad it is. Within a few weeks/months, you will see drastic improvements!

Consider natural pain-relief options

You can take pain-relief medication if things get unbearable. However, it’s always recommended that you find better alternatives. Loads of people become addicted to pain-relief drugs, so it’s best to avoid them. Instead, consider topical options – like a heat rub. This can target the area and ease your pain in a few moments. Make sure these are well researched

Alternatively, you could also seek out some natural pain-relief options. CBD is very big right now and has been shown to reduce chronic pain. You can get CBD gummies for pain that taste just like sweets and can be taken whenever you need them. There’s also CBD oil to rub onto the problem area, and many other CBD topicals. One word of warning, experts don’t recommend using this if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Other than that, it’s totally safe and natural. 

Learn how to pick things up properly

Back pain is so common amongst mums of all ages. So, when you’re bending down to pick things up, you often get a sharp pain. One way to address this is by learning how to pick things up safely. Squat down, hinge at the hips and lift with your spine straight. Don’t curve your back as this is how you hurt yourself! Try to push back up through your legs, keeping your spine safe. 

Do this even when picking up small toys as it is so easy to put your back out! It can help you manage your existing pain while preventing it from getting worse. 

Understand your limits

The last tip is probably the easiest, yet also the hardest to follow. Understand your limits as a mother; what can and can’t you do? If your child is too heavy to carry, don’t carry them. If you’re too tired from walking around and cooking all day, don’t go and do the hoovering. 

It’s hard for mums to do less because you feel like it’s your responsibility. You feel bad for not carrying your child if they’re tired. Try to think about it from a different point of view. If you carry your child, you might hurt yourself and be unable to carry them ever again. It’s simply not worth the risk, particularly when your child can walk or someone else can carry them. That’s a big point; ask others for help. Ask your partner to do some cleaning or get an older child to assist you. Don’t take on too many tasks as you will end up hurting yourself!

If you’re a mum with chronic pain, these tips can help you out. The good news is that you can manage pain and get rid of it permanently. It’s just a case of taking the first step and acknowledging that you need to address the problem.

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