Keeping kids entertained can be difficult at the best of times but it’s even trickier when you’re self-isolating. Don’t panic If you’re already running out of things to keep them occupied. With this handy list of activities, you can keep your kids busy during self-isolation and beyond…

  1. Start cooking

Most youngsters love to cook, so now is the ideal time to hone their culinary talents. Whether you’ve got a budding baker or a superb sous chef, there are endless ways to enjoy time together in the kitchen. If quarantine has left you with bare cupboards, don’t let this deter you. Give your kids a selection of ingredients and challenge them to produce something tasty (or at least edible!).

  1. Learn a musical instrument

Staying occupied during self-isolation isn’t just about passing the time. With old violins for sale online and used guitars available via delivery, you can turn your period of quarantine into something wholly constructive. If you don’t have any musical experience, there are plenty of options out there. 

Dedicated apps can teach you the basics of any instrument, while online videos give you visual demonstrations of playing techniques. You’ll find all the equipment and accessories you need online, including cello cases for sale, plectrums, bows, strings, amps and auto tuners. What’s more – you can even schedule an online lesson with a professional music teacher to give your kids a head start.

  1. Keep fit

Most people are used to being active, so being cooped up can leave you with an excess of energy. Although you can’t engage in your normal daily routine, you can help your kids to cope with the restrictions of self-isolation by keeping them active. If you have a garden, be sure to have fun doing lots of outdoor activities. With the warm, summer weather arriving, now might be the right time to grab the paddling pool and let your kids go wild in the water.

Alternatively, make the most of online fitness initiatives to keep your kids engaged. Many well-known athletes are hosting live PE sessions, so youngsters can stay fit while they’re at home. With creative games, fun challenges and regular interactive sessions, youngers will be so tired by the end of the day they’ll forget they’ve been at home!

  1. Get creative

Arts and crafts keep the mind active but they’re also effective in reducing stress and anxiety. It can be difficult for young children to understand why their routine has changed and why they’re unable to do things they enjoy, like go to the park or visit family. With daily drawing, painting or modelling, you can keep them busy and help them to channel their emotions. 

Have Fun at Home

Self-isolation can be challenging for anyone, but kids are highly adaptable. While staying at home all of the time might be an adjustment, it doesn’t need to be a difficult transition. With a range of exercises and activities, you can keep them occupied, stimulating and happy until their normal routines are back underway. 

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