Decide on gifts upfront

To save yourself time and energy (and avoiding any last minute panic) sit down and write out a list of everyone that you are buying gifts for and get clear on who gets what. That way you’ll feel calmer and more organised.

Plan your day in advance

This might not cross our mind but when it comes to doing your festive shopping, it’s a great idea to plan your day based on where you need to go and in what order.Do as much as you can online and then plan where you are going to go first and at what time. You’ll save yourself the stress of rushing around!

Shop Smart

My friends at The Ashleigh Shopping Club have just launched a fab new card which gives you exclusive discounts and special offers to make your shopping experience even more fabulous!

Here’s why you should join:

The Ashleigh Shopping Club gives members instant, exclusive discounts every time they shop. Members will get access to discounts that aren’t available anywhere else, whether that’s the weekly supermarket shop, a new pair of jeans or a family holiday. The average UK family can save over £1,000 a year by joining the Club. We have over 160 retailers available for launch, with high street names like Primark, River Island & Topshop as well as online retailers like ASOS & Not On The High street. Plus we have great savings on pubs, restaurants, coffee shops & even streaming services.

You can get yours HERE

Set a realistic budget for your gift buying

You might look fabulous, but you won’t feel your bet if you’ve over spent so sit down and create a realistic fashion fund! You can either put aside money each month ready for a spree or carefully choose new pieces as and when you can comfortably afford them.

So these are my top tips for saving money on Christmas shopping this year , it’s always good to find new ways and methods of saving money and seeking out discounts. What helps you save money on Christmas shopping ? I would love to hear about it and even pick up some more tips myself.

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