With the school summer holidays just around the corner I’m starting to panic and look for what activities are out there. I have to find fun and exciting adventures to fill our days. Anything that keeps the ankle biters happy and active during the weeks that Archie has off will be a winner with me. We do not plan on going abroad or for any extended trips away so I need to think about the day to day living. Below I’ve put together five days out that are easy to plan and achievable with two pre schoolers. I will use these as a starting point and hopefully it’ll be a great summer!

A Day at the Beach

We might not always have the best weather in the UK during the summer but there will hopefully be enough days to have a sunny day out to the beach. We are so lucky to be surrounded by some beautiful beaches here.  Take a look at some of the best beaches in the UK and find one that’s close to you pack up the car with supplies and get out there. It might not sound as glamorous as going to the beaches of Spain or Majorca but there’ll be so much for you and your little ones to enjoy.

Rainy Day Madness

When the rain comes and it will you have to make one of two choices. You can sit indoors with the littles ones or you can embrace the weather and go and find some muddy puddles to jump in.  We always recommended taking the muddy puddles route. The rain is also fab weather for bug hunting as they all seem to come out of the rocks and from under the trees. These two love a bug hunt armed with their nets and bug houses.

Fun for the Kids and Their Friends

Summer is when everyone should come together and enjoy the sunshine, fun, and easy-going nature of the season. And there’s no better way to do this than to plan a party and have your children invite all their friends round for an epic summer shindig! Hire a company like Pickle Pie Parties to take care of it for you and you’ll be able to sit back and relax knowing your children and their friends are having a day to remember.

A Trip to the City

Nature and fun times are all well and good but its also good for your little one to learn a thing or two during the summer too. Maybe take a trip to one of the UK’s best cities and soak up all the great family attractions you can there. Some of the museums in London and other cities are super fun and also educational. They will be learning without knowing they’re learning!

Lazy Days

Sometimes it’s about doing nothing at all. I love a good day in the garden with plenty of toys and if its a sunny day the paddling pool. We do a picnic and take it in to the garden with an endless supply of ice lollies.

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