For most of us, picking up a pair of designer shoes is a serious investment. When you’re taking the plunge, you want to ensure that what you’re wearing will stand the test of time and look stylish for years to come. Of course, this is easier said than done, especially if you want a pair that’s versatile enough to slip on daily. 

Fortunately, there are a handful of shoes that possess the necessary qualities to fit the bill and stand out from the rest. These shoes have weathered many storms, transcending trends that have come and gone throughout the years. So, if you’re looking for a stylish and worthwhile splurge, check out these 5 designer shoes worth investing in.

Chanel Pumps

From chain handbags to tweed blazers, the French fashion house is responsible for many iconic styles. However, none are as famed as their two-toned pumps and ballet flats. Chanel pumps have remained on the feet of many famous faces since they were first released in the late 1950s and are still a designer staple to this day. 

Chanel Brogues

It’s not only Chanel’s pumps that have remained a designer staple for years upon years; their brogues feel just as fresh today as they did over a century ago, offering a timeless solution to more androgynous ensembles. The lace-up style is as versatile as it gets, making a perfect pairing with anything from denim jeans to summer dresses.

Hermès Sandals

Not only have the brand’s handbags remained a valued mainstay in just about every influencer’s and fashion editor’s wardrobes, but now available in 21 different colorways, the Oran sandals are a classic choice with great versatility. 

Gucci Loafers

Designer loafers are the definition of lazy luxury, and nobody makes them better than Gucci. 

The classic style has been around for a good six decades, with their simple leather construction and horse-bit detailing taking on many forms throughout the years. Today, you can pick them up in a variety of vibrant hues, with anything from fur lining to crystal embellishments. 

As for where you can buy these iconic Gucci shoes, online stores are your best bet. SSENSE is one of them, offering a wide range of styles, fast shipping, and a hassle-free shopping experience. They also house a myriad of other designer kicks worth checking out. 

Jimmy Choo Courts

The British fashion brand was made for the red carpet, with Jimmy Choo’s courts being a beloved favorite of many celebs, including the likes of Rihanna and Kate Middleton. These stylish pumps possess the grown-up sexiness that only stilettos can bestow. They’re good for anything from elevating an evening dress to pairing with your work attire. 

Adidas Trainers

Unless you’re picking up the Raf Simmons collaboration, Adidas’ iconic Stan Smiths are far from a designer splurge. However, they possess all the same qualities, including timeless style and unrivaled versatility. Named after the American tennis icon, these clean kicks will serve you well into every casual outfit you choose to adorn. 

These are our top five, but there are plenty of other designer shoes worth checking out. Get online and see which are your favorite!

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