A trip to the UK’s capital is a very exciting time for both adults and children. It’s renowned for the many sights and attractions, but its abundance of activities from outdoor paintball in London to engaging bicycle tours these are what create the most memorable moments.

London is undoubtedly one of the most iconic cities in the world and with good reason. A visit to the capital has something to suit everyone’s needs whether you looking for some retail therapy, fancy seeing the sights, or just want to get away with the little ones or for some quality couple time.

If you’re planning a visit to London and are in need of activities to fill your itinerary, the following five are suitable for both children and parents. Enjoy the experience together and make the trip even more memorable by fitting in as many of them as you can.

1. Explore London’s Parks

When you think of London, you’re likely to picture busy streets, modern architecture and a double-decker bus or two. London’s parks provide a natural aesthetic that other cities can’t compete with. The brilliant thing about London’s parks is that there are so many of them each bringing something unique to the table.

For example Hyde Park is one of the city’s most popular parks and has a lake, rose gardens, a meadow and trees as far as the eye can see. It’s crowning feature has to be Diana Princess of Wales’ memorial fountain. If you have a house of animal lovers you may want to check out Richmond Park which has more than 600 free roaming deer, or the lake in St James’s Park that’s famous for its abundance of pelicans.

2. Paintball Near London

While London has an enormous amount of activities that are ideal for the everyday tourist there are others that are perfect for anyone looking for something less conventional. Paintballing is definitely one of the most exciting of them all. Although the capital’s urban environment isn’t suitable for combat-style sports you won’t have to travel far from the inner city to enjoy rural surroundings and the excitement of paintball near London.

A short train or car journey will see you arriving at a facility that offers the best paintball London, Kent and Surrey have to offer. The surrounding areas near London are a wonderful contrast to the built-up inner city and you’ll get to explore the environment to the fullest as you roam expertly designed paintball battlefields.

If you have been looking for an adrenaline-fuelled activity that both you and your children can experience together, paintball is a brilliant choice. With a wide range of combat scenarios to immerse yourself in, battlefields to explore and reduced-power weapons for children, as a parent, you can enjoy yourself immensely and have the peace of mind knowing that your children will be safe.

3. Visit a Museum

This year showed a drop in the amount of people attending museums in the UK which is a massive shame when you consider how influential they can be to the education and future of your children. In the digital age with everything influenced by modern technology it may just be that kids have become accustomed to learning via the internet. While there’s no doubt that the evolution of modern tech has been phenomenal, a museum visit offers intrigue and thought-provoking content by the bucketload.

Fortunately, if a museum trip is on your itinerary for a visit to the capital city you’ll be spoilt for choice. The British Museum has an amazing collection of rare and ancient artefacts to marvel at. The Imperial War Museum provides an in-depth look at modern warfare from World War I onwards. The Natural History Museum shouldn’t be missed and is a fantastic choice for children who have an interest in animals. Plus you get to learn about dinosaurs.

Of course, these are only a few of the museums and galleries to visit in London but if you have the time or plan on visiting again in future it’s worth visiting as many of them as possible.

4. Bike Tours

If you have visited London before or many other large cities in Europe, you will have noticed the abundance of people riding bikes. Many locations use them as their primary form of transport and others for exercise whilst lots of tourists who use a bike to see the city from a saddle. Hiring a bike for the duration of your stay in London or booking a bike tour are fantastic ways to make your entire trip a leisure activity.

Hopping on a bus or tube with children can be a stressful affair especially if it’s busy or your kids are less than enthusiastic. Cycling from A to B to C makes the entire experience one big bike ride and it’ll even help you get some exercise in the process.

5. The Season for Ice Skating

As we head into October, it means that Christmas is only a few months away, which once again means that another year has flown by way too quickly. The festive season brings with it a multitude of traditions, food, and activities one of which is ice skating. If you happen to visit London around Christmas time ice skating is the perfect activity to enjoy with your children and get into the mood for wintertime.

Several ice skating rinks appear in London around Christmas time and remain open until early next year. Two worth noting for their brilliant decoration and atmosphere are Somerset House and The Natural History Museum. Even if you aren’t the most gifted ice skater (prepare for a few bumps and bruises) the experience is sure to be a high point of your trip and a highlight of your children’s Christmas.

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