If you want a better performing car but cannot afford car finance to buy the ones with better specs, then think of upgrading your current car. It is the best way of achieving efficiency and speed that you want at a cheaper cost.

Upgrades vary from small to significant changes, and you can try the following car upgrades for better car performance.

  1. Your Tires

It is a common upgrade worthy of mentioning. It would be best if you chose better quality car tyres. Performance and power are wonderful, and they all depend on the quality of car tyres. Both of them will be of waste if your car does not have the grip that only quality tires have. 

Likewise, for your car to perform in all weathers, choose the right tires for the conditions that you are facing. Avoid the all-weather tires as they will compromise your car’s performance and therefore not meet your expectations. Winter or summer tires are among the best tyre solutions that you should choose as they fully put power to the road.

  1. Your Exhaust System

Many people do not fancy upgrading their exhaust system. However, much is to be gained from such an odd upgrade. When driving, you will enjoy a pleasant exhaust note, and your car’s power will drastically improve. 

If you have an older car, think of replacing its exhaust system with a stainless one to do away with the clogs associated with old exhaust systems and witness how its performance increases.

  1. Your Air Intake

If your car breathes better, it will run better; therefore, you should fit your vehicle with a cold-air-intake.  The appliance helps free the airflow in the engine and feeds it with condensed and cooler air. If you replace your intake pipe with one which maximizes power, your car’s fuel efficiency and horsepower will increase.

  1. Your Brakes

A car is not a car if it lacks proper breaks. When braking, you should be able to stop effectively. If your brakes are of good quality, you can wait longer before engaging them, unlike bad breaks. Better quality breaks will help you maintain higher speed rates in corners compared to other drivers. Therefore, buy better brake pads or upgrade the whole braking system as it is an upgrade that is worth your resources.

  1. Your Rubber Hoses

It is best if you also replaced your rubber hoses with silicone ones.  Silicone withstands a higher amount of heat compared to rubber. Replacing the rubber is crucial if you have added a quality turbocharger to the engine as the turbocharger produces extra heat that only silicone hoses can handle.

Rubber hoses crack easily, become stiff and rot with time; however, silicone is very stable and looks ever new. 

A hose leak is very hard to diagnose and correct; therefore, upgrade to silicone to make your car perform better.

  1. Your Spark Plugs

The standard spark plugs often decrease the reliability and speed of the car as they often misfire. Therefore, change your spark plugs to increase the performance of your vehicle. The new spark plugs will minimize the misfires, thus maximizing fuel efficiency.

In conclusion, performance, power and efficiency are essential in a car. You can only achieve all these if you either upgrade your car or buy a new one. However, since you may not afford to purchase a new car, why not upgrade?

*Collaborative post

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