Dear Archie ,

Next week you will be 3 , where my darling has that time gone. What have we done? Where have we been? Who have we met? What have we learnt? So much , so many adventures.

I will never forget that time after giving birth just looking at you and being totally lost for words that you grew inside of me and I carried you for all those months. The first few hours you slept under my hospital gown on my chest. I remember saying to the midwife I’m really tired but don’t want to put him down and scared he will fall out of my arms if I fall asleep , so she got a huge blanket and wrapped it round us both and the bed to keep you safe and secure. I’ve had never slept as peacefully as I did with you there cwtched up to my chest.

Now you are nearly 3 you start pre school in two weeks time. The moment you walk through those doors without me will change both of our lives as we know it. Inside I will be both excited and crushed , but you will only see excitement. You will love it and have so many stories to tell me when I pick you up.

It’s going to be so strange not knowing what you are doing, experiencing and feeling for those two and a half hours. I’m used to knowing everything you are doing and being involved in it. It’s the end of an era but the best era of my life.

You will make so many new friends with your funny , caring, curious and gentle personality. I really think you will be one of leaders that looks after everyone.

I know your sister Frankie is going to miss you like crazy. Her whole life you have been there every day by her side looking after her ,playing with her , making her giggle. Amongst the fights and squabbles she idolises her big brother. She copies all you say and do.Shes so proud of you. You’ve taught her so much.


You are growing up so quickly and you have been fast becoming your own person for a while now. Whilst this amazing chapter of our lives is coming to a conclusion the next one is about to start and we can’t wait to see you shine. 

We will all miss you but we are so proud of you. Just shine and reach for those twinkle stars ,  you will go far our big boy. Never loose your love for learning and exploration.


Love you loads Mummy xxxx 

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