As you know Archie took the huge leap in to big school this September. He dealt with this transition so well and has taken it all in his stride. It was me who struggled and wasn’t really coping with it at first.

Saying goodbye that 1st day at the gate broke my heart as I knew that he was no longer a baby and that he would grow up so quickly.  It was the end of baby and toddler filled days where we just spent time in our own little bubble and filled our day with toddler groups , play dates and what seemed like lifetimes at the park.

As the weeks and months went on I found coping with the transition so much easier and this is all down to two amazing women his teacher and teaching assistant.

They have both helped him settle in so well and also me ! I’m forever grateful and wanted to write this little thank you to show them just how much.

To the both of you,

Thank you for the hard work and dedication you show every day. As the weeks go on and tiredness and exhaustion set in you are still there everyday with a smile and buckets of enthusiasm.

Thank you for making my son feel so special and cared for every day. You have 30 children in that class but you make sure every one of them shines and feels special. Easing any worries they may have and brushing them away with your warmness and a cwtch if needs be , let’s face it a proper Welsh cwtch makes it all better !!

Thank you for making my son love school and get excited to go in every day. He’s excited to learn,  have fun and to read ! This is all down to the both of you for giving him such a fab learning experience every day. Your imagination and creativity you really shines through and it shows in how far he has come and all that he has learnt in this short space of time.

Thank you for putting in extra hours both at school and at home where you have your own families, but yet still put your all in to mine and 29 others.

Thank you for the fabulous end of term show you put on , how you got those 30 little humans to learn all of those songs and sing their hearts out is just incredible. I’m in awe !

Thank you for catering for all of the children’s needs and abilities by identifying what suits them best. You have created a learning environment based around their needs with various different teaching styles and it works amazingly well.

Thank you for always having the time to speak to me and put my mind at rest. You will never know how much a two minute chat at the gate helps and how much I appreciate your time.

Thank you for having an infectious personality and sense of humour. It really shows by how much Archie talks about you both and adores you.

Thank you for looking after my child as if he were your own.

Lastly have an amazing Christmas , enjoy and chill out

Yours sincerely ,

One very grateful Mam


Thoughts, Comments?

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