Fine motor skills involve using small muscles in our feet, toes, hands, wrists and fingers to perform different actions, all coordinated by our brains communicating with these muscles. When they are young, children start to develop their fine motor skills by using grasping, pressing and pincer movements when they’re playing. Developing their skills is important for children to become independent and not have to rely on parents to complete everyday tasks like getting dressed. Read on for some tips from a private nursery in Islington on activities you can do with your child to help enhance their fine motor skills.

Encourage creativity

Getting involved in creative activities like drawing, colouring, painting, cutting paper or making things with playdough will help develop your child’s dexterity. They’ll learn to control their hand movements to achieve a particular outcome and use different tools like paintbrushes, pencil and scissors. This will also improve their hand-eye coordination, and of course they’ll be learning to use their imagination to create something from scratch.

Get gardening

Gardening is an excellent activity for developing children’s fine motor skills. Get your child involved in planting seeds by giving them a trowel to dig up the soil and then asking them to use their pincer grip to pick the seeds up and put them in the hole. They can then use a small watering can to water the seeds, taking care to sprinkle the water in the right place.

Build things

Using blocks or lego to build a tower will enable your child to practise a variety of hand movements which will help make many other activities easier. As lego pieces are quite small, they’ll learn to join these small pieces together to make a bigger shape, improving their hand-eye coordination in the process. You could also work on a model kit together, depending on your child’s age.

Bake a cake

Allowing your child to help you with baking a cake or some biscuits and letting them use different utensils will also develop their fine motor skills. They’ll learn how to control measuring spoons to make sure only the right amount of an ingredient is added to the mix, and how to scoop, tip and transfer things like flour or chocolate chips.

Not only will your child find these activities enjoyable, they’ll also be developing a variety of different fine motor skills and getting to use their imagination and creativity at the same time.

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