Archie and Frankie are huge train fans , they love nothing more than playing with their train sets and let their imaginations take them on loads of adventures. We have lots of different wooden train bits and pieces , so we were very happy when Brio asked us to review their Green Travel Train.

Brio are a go to brand for us and have been since the little ones were younger. They are built well and last year by year. They are also a brand I know can trust to do exactly what it says it will. It’s fab having a few brands you can trust and buying them you know they will be of high quality and fun too.

We love any toys that allow the little ones to explore with their imaginations. I just love to hear them and the adventures they have made up. It really helps to stretch the their little minds and they have so much fun doing this too.

The train goes fab with the train set we were also sent as it can be used on the track. It comes with three carriages which are megnetic and a train driver. They loved this and put their own little figures in to the carriages. Each carriage fits in 1-2 brio figures which is great.

Each carriage has four wheels which means that it can easily move around the track and doesn’t get stuck.

They were having so much fun playing with the train and apparently on adventures in New York and London ! This was good as it got us talking about countries and we had a mini geography lesson. I love the way that imaginative play toys can also be so educational.

The train was excellent quality and is built to last and withstand any rough and tumble like all of the Brio products. We can’t wait to start adding to our collection. There are so many fun bits and bobs to collect and these two have a few of them on the Christmas list.

The green travel train is priced at 19.99 and suitable for ages 3 plus. The train is made of plastic which did surprise me as we have mostly wooden products but I quite liked this and so did Archie and Frankie , they liked the bright green colour.

* We were went the Brio green travel train for the purpose of this review. All thought and opinions are my own.

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