Little ones have an aptitude for adventure don’t they? They just love trying out new things and imaginative exciting adventures. For children the world isn’t a scary place it’s somewhere to be conquered and explored. If your little ones have an aptitude for adventure why not feed it by taking them on some adventurous days out? Below are some days out that children who are fearless will love.

Go rock climbing & abseiling

Does your child love to pretend that they are Indiana Jones abseiling down a huge cavern – aka the stairs? If you’ve got a little one that has no problems with heights and loves being active taking them rock climbing and abseiling could be the ideal way to feed their love of adventure. As well as encouraging them to stay fit and healthy – did you know that rock climbing is a great form of exercise? Perhaps you could make rock climbing and abseiling something that the whole family does together? Just think how much fun you would have. The best place to start your little ones off is at an outdoor adventure centre or at your local indoor climbing facility

Take them karting

Has your child always loved cars? Are they always clamouring to sit on your lap and help you to drive? If the answer is yes to both of those questions then the chances are that you are raising a little car enthusiast. They might be too young to drive but they’re not too young to go karting. There are various karting centres like Lakeside Karting that offer karting experiences for children of all ages. If you want to make sure that your little one enjoys themselves make sure to book them into a karting session that’s suitable for their age. If your child takes to karting perhaps you could create a mini karting track in the garden and get them a kart to go around it on? How much fun they would have racing around your garden on their very own karting track.

Sign them up to a caving club

Does your little one always beg you to take them in the caves at the beach? If so why not sign them up to a local caving club? Rest assured that caving as long as it’s with a qualified instructor is perfectly safe and a great hobby, especially for any little dare devils. So if your little one seems to like the idea of exploring your local caves why not sign them up to start caving? You never know they might love it and could make a career out of it one day.

Encouraging your little one to try new things is important as it’s new activities like these that help to boost a child’s confidence. For little ones with an adventurous streak the hobbies mentioned above are ideal for them. They’re fun, exciting, and different to the normal activities children tend to do which is why they will like them so much.

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