Generally speaking, pre-prep schools accept pupils from the age of 3 or 4 with the aim to prepare them for prep school when they turn 7 or 8. When the time comes for you to start looking at pre-prep schools for your child, you might start to feel overwhelmed. There’s a lot to take in and lots of new terminology, but you must be well-informed in order to make the right decision for both your child and your family as a whole. Read on for some advice from a pre-prep school in Oxfordshire.

You should start by researching the local area. Write a list of the pre-prep schools that could be a suitable option and then browse their websites. You should be able to find out the location and get a feel for their ethos, their curriculum and their facilities. You should also be able to find out their most recent inspection report and their policies. In doing a little digging, you’ll be able to narrow down your list by crossing off some definite nos.

Once you have a smaller list of maybes, you can start to visit the schools on their designated open days. Take along some pre-prepared questions to ask the teachers and pupils. During your tour of the school, take note of the general cleanliness and safety of the building. You should also consider whether the teachers are friendly and approachable and if the pupils seem well-balanced.

The most important thing to think about is if you think your child will fit in and be happy in the school. Will the school cater to your child’s unique needs, like a dietary requirement, language barrier or learning difficulty? The more questions you ask and more digging you do, the more informed your final decision will be. You could even take your little one along to the open day and observe how they respond to the new environment and new people.

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