Striking the balance between parenting your little one and allowing them to grow independently can sometimes be so hard. Even though Archie is only 3 and a half he is already showing so many signs of independence. As we know parenting does not come with a handbook and we are often just winging it. Although I don’t want to baby Archie and Frankie all the time and do everything for them it can be hard to let go an let them get on with it. But equally I always feel leaving them to get on with something without guidance might lead to destructive behaviour in later years.

I’m trying to encourage independence in the ankle biters by giving them greater responsibility. They love having something fun to do and it helps capture their imagination. One thing I’m considering is allowing them to organise their own birthday parties,  with a little guidance from me of course. Here’s how you can do it.

Get them to pick a realistic theme

Children have wild imaginations and the image your child has in their head for their party may not be achievable in the real world. Spend some time with them explaining what you can afford and what it’s likely to look like. Giving your child a more realistic expectation of what their party will be like means that they are less likely to be disappointed on the day if they were expecting Disneyworld in your back garden. Plus going through things like costs with them can set them up for good budgeting skills in the future.

Get them to design and send invitations

Aside from immediate family allow your child the freedom to choose the guest list themselves.Once they’ve whittled down the numbers set them up on a website like Pure Invitation where they can put their spin on the invites. As long as all the necessary information is on there this can be a fun creative activity for your child too.


Get them to take responsibility

This doesn’t mean that you should allow them to get away with being bossy on the day but try and instill in them the fact that they are a host and they need to make sure their guests are having a good time. If something happens at the party that your child does not like encourage them to calm and you should too as this reflects much better both your child and on you as a parent too. Also ask them to keep an eye on things like their friend’s drinks and make sure they know not to leave anyone out of any games or activities. Chances are your child will want to excel to please you so give lots of praise and encouragement when you see them being a good host.

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