Around five years have passed now since I entered motherhood , six including being pregnant ! Let’s face it the minute we see that blue line we enter motherhood. The sense of love and protection just from that blue line is amazing and so strong .

I was such a different person before I became a Mum , I was very career focussed and it was all about me ! That all changed the minute I found out I was pregnant. All that mattered was my little family and this life that was growing inside of me – our baby.

As the months went on I got every last thing ready , every week buying the bits we would need to enter Parenthood and setting up the nursery. It was amazing I would just sit in the nursery looking around , excited for you arrival and counting down the days.

Dear Mamma

I’m proud of you for the amazing woman you have become during motherhood , you have changed beyond recognition and all for the better.

I’m proud of the mini humans you have raised they are just amazing. You should be so proud of the bright ,kind , loving and well rounded children they have are.

I’m proud of you for never giving up , despite how hard some days and nights were. The isolating lonely feeling you felt some days , loosing your identity was so hard.  Then there were the sleepless nights where you were so tired you just say there tears rolling down your cheeks rocking a baby for what seemed like hours  But you didn’t give up and all of this made you stronger.

I’m proud of you for making it through all of the stages , you did it ! The weaning , potty training , the teething and the threenagers phase all of these stages can be so hard and it’s like entering a job with no training and experience , you learn as you go along and you learn fast !

I’m proud of you for keeping it all together at times when inside you were falling apart. You didn’t let it show and just got on with normal Mamma life until everyone went to bed and then you could sit alone and have a little cry , rant or whatever it was that made you feel better.

I’m proud of you for always putting your babies needs and wants first ,yes it’s expected of you from day one but it’s so hard some days. Your exhausted but you still get up and show up for that baby group your little one loves , you spend all day working on your school child’s art project even though you have so many others house looks like a scene from Jurassic Park.

I’m proud of you for creating that safe and loving unit of close friends that make your children feel so loved and treated like one of their own. Amongst all of the chaos you made time to form bonds with some amazing women and their children and you just know those friendships will last for life. Your children will refer to these people as aunties and uncles and their children as cousins. These bonds are totally priceless ! You created them.

Mamma I’m proud not just today but every day. Enjoy celebrating motherhood today and all of your  family’s achievements – you are one incredible woman.

Love from Me xxxx

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