When you think about decorating your home, you may not necessarily consider how you can incorporate old-fashioned pieces of furniture into your decorating plans. Instead of immediately jumping onto modern furniture, you may want to consider how you can incorporate a blast back to the past into your house. 


Jump on to the vintage trend and see what sort of furniture pieces you can buy to add a touch of individuality to your home. You can get them cheap and they will instantly show that you don’t just follow trends, you make them your own!

Floral Velvet Sofas

Okay, so how much of your mother’s old furniture do you actually remember? You probably remember a very soft sofa that was either covered in flowers or was made of luxuriously soft velvet. These sofas are still available today and are extremely comfortable for both you and your guests to enjoy. 

They are great for winter if you’re trying to have a nap or even if you just want to curl up in the corner of your sofa with a great book. You can incorporate these sofas into any sort of living room and they will instantly make it look relaxed and inviting. Just remember to arrange your pillows in a stylish manner so your guests always have support for their back. 

Table Lamps

Now, if you want to give your house a vintage scholarly look, you may want to invest in a table lamp. Table lamps can be used as a statement piece to bring light to specific areas of your room. However, they can also become extravagant centrepieces in their own right. 

If you have a desk or coffee table, you may want to place them there and have a small glass cover over it to give your room a soft golden look. It’s the perfect thing to add a bit of atmosphere to your room, especially if you’re creating a romantic dinner date or just want some mood lighting to keep you motivated as you work.

Old Paintings

Who doesn’t love a painting that has a bit of backstory to it? Don’t just buy prints of famous paintings, instead, go to your local art dealer or charity store and look for a deal that can get you an amazing piece of art at its lowest price. 

Charity stores have all sorts of treasures waiting for you to purchase them. You can even ask the staff at the store about where the piece came from. It’s a great way to buy an individualised painting that can add some atmosphere to your room. 

China Decorations

If you go to your grandma’s cabinet, you may find a menagerie of china and porcelain dolls, cups and decorations that add a soft vintage feel to her home. This is what you need for your own. 

Invest in a cabinet that you can place in one of your rooms and start finding vintage decorations that add some character all around. You may even want to look for old books that transform one of your rooms into the perfect vintage study.

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