Both ankle biters have grown up so quickly but lately Archie is such a little man. He is so full of helpfulness and wisdom. He wants to know the answers to so many questions and already has such a passion for learning.

An open letter to my little man

Mummy can’t quite believe that my 6lb 14oz baby is nearly three and a half. The time really has gone in the blink of an eye. Everyone said treasure every moment it goes so quickly, they weren’t wrong.

I used to pick all your clothes out every morning and dress you , now you want to do it yourself. You want to choose the blue socks not the red ones.

I used to wash you with cotton wool balls and wipe the sleepy dust out of your eyes. Now you have your own flannel and give yourself a wash and brush your teeth.

I used to feed you porridge in the morning ,now you want to pour your own cereal because you can do it yourself.

I used to give you bottles throughout the day and night , now you use your stool and make your own drink.

Mummy used to teach you nursery rhymes, now your teaching her Welsh songs and phrases.

You used to squeeze your sisters nose and try to bury her in toys when she first came along  , now your ever so protective and loving. I watched you pull her back when she went to run towards a dog in the park today and it made me fill up.

You used to cling to mummy at the nursery gates and not want me to go, now you say see you later mummy I’m going to play. I cry inside a little but I’m so happy you have the confidence to do this.

I used to sit on a stool beside your bed for an hour sometimes two until you went to sleep. Now you go to bed on your own and no longer need mummy there.

I’m so proud of the little man you have become. Such a sensitive soul but confident and willing to try anything. You have the kindest heart.

I have watched every milestone and phase, you wont remember each stage you have been through or how you have developed. I will hold those memories forever and always tell you how proud I am of you.

Keep being the adventurous explorer you are ask the questions , collect the sticks , jump in the stream and climb that mountain.

As much as it hurts my heart that you have grown up so much I love watching you spread your wings and shine. I am learning from you each day.

I cant wait to see the adventures that life takes you on.


Thoughts, Comments?

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