British Reality TV That Has Celebs Screaming… Literally!

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! is a super popular series that completely dominates UK evening television throughout most of late Autumn to early Winter time. The programme first aired back in 2002 and has remained as popular as ever with viewers since. Even despite some more recent criticism from animal rights’ activists spurred on by Autumnwatch’s Chris Packham, who have condemned the use of live animals, such as spiders, insects and even crocodiles, within the show. I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! revolves around a number of celebrities, who are put up to the challenge of living together in the jungle for several weeks. In past years, we have seen celebrities such as reality TV star Katie Hopkins, and English cricketer turned television personality Phil Tufnell enter into the jungle. During the course of the series, the celebrities are challenged to compete with each other in order to become King or Queen of the jungle and are made to take part in a variety of wacky and often gruesome, tasks. The bushtucker trials are the most well-known of the tasks and are a key part of the programme. These trials involve the celebs having to chomp down purposefully revolting foods, such as fish eyes, crocodile penises, pig testicles and silkworms. In past years, live spiders have been eaten on the show, and in 2011 series, there was an especially vile moment during the trial where athlete Fatima Whitbread got a cockroach stuck up her nose. 


Without a doubt, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! is a highly controversial show; people either completely love it or they completely hate it. Whilst many find the gory challenges that the show involves hilarious and super entertaining, others, such as Chris Packham and animal welfare charity PETA, are utterly horrified. Back in 2014, Packham wrote a letter to the show’s presenters, Ant and Dec, begging them to cease the use of animals within the programme, and many others have expressed similar sentiments. The show faced a great deal of backlash, particularly, when Carol Vorderman was challenged to eat a live scorpion in the 2016 series. 


However, I’m A Celeb still remains incredibly popular despite such criticism from animal rights’ activists. Many viewers love the bushtucker trials, and so producers have, of course, so far resisted making any drastic changes for fear of losing viewership. In fact, fans of the show feel so strongly about keeping the bushtucker trials, and other gory elements in the show, that Chris Packham was actually booed off the stage at a recent award’s ceremony when he pleaded producers to reconsider. I’m A Celeb was also was given an award for best reality TV show, just earlier on this year. 


Due to the huge enthusiasm behind I’m A Celeb, there has already been weeks of speculation over which celebrities will be entering the jungle in the 2019 series.

The list of celebrity contestants is yet to be officially confirmed, but amongst the guesses are Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle, former Big Brother Star turned BBC Radio 1 DJ Adele Roberts, and American TV personality and former Olympic medalist Caitlyn Jenner. Fans of the show love getting involved, and love to guess which celebs will be in the next up-coming series.


As a way of encouraging viewer involvement and participation even further, this year several I’m A Celeb bingo games have been released on various best new bingo sites allowing viewers to play along with the show. These new versions of bingo are super fun, easy to get on board with, and make for even for exciting and juicy viewing of the series. 


In your average game of bingo, the tickets would contain numbers ranging either from 1-99, or 1-75. With the I’m A Celeb bingo game, though, the numbers have been replaced with different scenarios, such as “Ant finishes Dec’s sentence” or “A campmate is ruled out of the bush tucker trial on ‘medical grounds”. As and when these scenarios play out within the show, you check them off your bingo ticket, and the first to check all their scenarios off is crowned the winner of I’m A Celeb bingo. It’s that simple! 


These bingo cards are downloadable, so you can play online on your phone or tablet, or alternatively you can opt to print the cards out. This new imagining of bingo is great fun, and well-worth trying out if you haven’t already!


Your best chance of winning?

If you are super competitive, then you might want to know how to up your chances of winning at I’m A Celeb bingo. Since there are no numbers involved in this version of the game, number theories and systems won’t be of any use to you. Instead, you’ll have your best chance of winning by knowing the series well. After watching a couple of episodes of I’m A Celeb, you will know which scenarios are more likely to play out on the screen than others — try to pick the bingo tickets with the most likely scenarios! 


Despite the controversy that surrounds I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, it still remains one of the very most popular television series within the UK. This new imagining of bingo will make watching the show even more entertaining, and is a great way to have a fun evening in with your friends and family. If you haven’t already downloaded your I’m A Celeb bingo cards, then now is as good a time as any! 

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