Have you made your bucket list yet? If not, you really should. You only have one life, so let it be a good one. Set yourself goals so you don’t wake up one day in the future, with those ‘what if’ regrets on what your life could have been. By then it may be too late to focus on your life’s dreams, so it’s time to get a handle on it now.

Your bucket list is personal to you; that list of things you want to do and achieve. However, if you are feeling a little short of inspiration, we have some ideas for you in this article. Have a read, and then start to work on your list, perhaps using some of the things we suggest here.

Bucket List Idea #1: Travel somewhere new

Is there anywhere in the world you want to visit? Have you been inspired by the travel shows on the television? Have you dreamt of those faraway places, and wished you could set foot on new soil? Then as part of your bucket list, think about these places. Take a look at our dream travel bucket list if you need any inspiration, or have a nosey at the many travel blogs that can be found online. Start saving money now to bring your dreams into fruition.

Bucket List Idea #2: Live somewhere new

Do you want to live in the same house, and the same town forever? For all we know, you might. On the other hand, you might want to set yourself up somewhere new, giving you the opportunity to experience new towns and cities, and to meet new people in your life. You might want to move somewhere in your own country, or you might want to try living abroad. Whatever the case, think about what you might do to achieve that goal. Whether you opt for a new apartment across town or an affordable condo for sale somewhere on your travel bucket list, start to make those savings to help you move somewhere that will give you new opportunities in your life.

Bucket List Idea #3: Make an impact on the world

Bucket lists are often very selfish things; those ideas that will impact your life beyond that of anybody else’s. And that’s fair enough, but what if you could do something to impact the world? What if you could do something that gives you those feelings that money can’t buy? Those feelings that offer personal reward, knowing that your life on earth has stood for something. You might want to find a new job, perhaps with a charity or a career that allows you to positively affect the lives of others. You might want to raise money for a particular cause. Or you might simply get more involved in the needs of your local community. Whatever you do, plan for something that will leave a legacy long after your bucket list has withered away.

Bucket List Idea #4: Go back to school

A bucket list is that list of things you want to do before you die, so this is something you might question. Why go back to school? That’s the last thing you want to do, surely? Not really, especially if education gives you new opportunities in life. You can learn new talents and skills that will open up new possibilities for you. You will gain in knowledge, and that can never be a bad thing. You will open up your chances of a better career, with more money to go towards some of the other things on your bucket list. And you will have that personal satisfaction that comes with having achieved something not many people have the courage to do. Going back to school may be the one thing that will help you live your dream life.

Bucket List Idea #5: Do something daring

Okay, so going back to school may be daring enough. Moving house, especially abroad, takes an awful lot of courage. But there are those other things you might do that will test your limits. If you have ever wanted to do something, but never had the courage to do it, then start changing your mindset. If you want to do it, then do it! It could be running a marathon. It might be white water rafting. You might want to do something to conquer your fear of heights, such as climbing the Eiffel Tower. It could be one of any number of things that will push you out of your comfort zone, but if it means something to you, then your life will benefit as a result. Think of those things and add them to your bucket list.

So, now is the time to work on your bucket list if you haven’t already.

List the places you want to visit.

Consider where you might want to live.

Think about ways in which you could change the world.

Ponder on the ways an extra education could shape your list.

And think about those things that will further push you to your limits.

Your life is short, but your bucket list doesn’t have to be. Fill it with things that will help you live your dream life.

*Collaborative post

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