There are so many occasions throughout the year that we spend money on like Birthdays , Valentines Day , Anniversaries and Christmas. Now we are parents there is also the added occasion of Mothers and Fathers day , there is even Grandparents day to add in to the mix.  It can all seem so overwhelming at times and I never know where to start with it. With the little ones Christmas and Birthdays are not a cheap affair and need planning well in advance.

We do tend to just buy a card and small gift for valentines and anniversaries. Pre ankle biters we used to splash out on expensive gifts and spa days/hotel days. Obviously with having children your priorities change and with that what you spend on and how much you spend changes dramatically. As I have said before these days I rarely treat myself and when I do the mummy guilt kicks in.

Shopping habits have changed over the years and a lot of people prefer to shop online for the bargains and ease of stress. It’s made much easier with disount code site like Deal Daddy. Since I have had the little ones I much prefer shopping online for Christmas , it’s so much easier than taking the ankle biters around town and either being asked for everything they see or facing the inevitable tantrums and I’m hungry every five minutes. A recent survey of 1000 people in the UK found that 56% of people do their shopping online , while 40% prefer good old fashion in store shopping.

I tend to buy birthday presents as I go along or sometimes buy in advance if I see something I think somebody will love. When it comes to Christmas I start to buy presents when I see them on offer and put them away.Doing it this way works for me and that way I don’t tend to overspend.

A recent study carried out in the UK revealed that 1/3 of people feel under pressure to spend more than they can afford. 68% of people surveyed said that they feel societal pressures to buy gifts for more calendar events. Only 28% of people proactively save for occasions and nearly half go over budget. This may lead to them taking out a loan from companies like Swift Money . I do think there is so much added pressure from society today to keep up in the gift buying game.

I would love to hear how you budget for occasions or if you have a plan in place for them.

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