There are many reasons why a family might have to move abroad; it might be due to work commitments, or perhaps just a lifestyle choice. It’s an exciting thing to do, but in many ways it is also very daunting, particularly if you have children and you have their education to think about. Not to worry; here’s some advice from an independent school in Malaga, Spain.


Choosing a school abroad is not unlike choosing a school in the UK, in many ways. Of course, you’ll have to think about the general feel of the school; do they teach the lessons in English? Do you think your child will fit in? Is there a nice atmosphere? Are the staff and students friendly? Obviously you know your child better than anyone and when it comes to school, trust your gut; if you don’t think your child will be happy there then don’t be afraid to rule it out and look elsewhere.


Make sure you do you research about education in the country you’re moving to. Lots of schools in Europe are open longer than those in the UK, so you’ll need to prepare your child for this change. It’s also worth thinking about the general religious beliefs at the school – does it observe the same religious values as your family or something else? It’s important to understand the cultural norms of the country you’re moving to, and therefore of the students who attend the local schools.


Look into whether or not the school has an international accreditation, as they are specifically for children moving to the country from another country. If the school does happen to be accredited then the qualification your child receives at the end of their time there will be transferrable around the world.


When moving to a new country and choosing a school for your child, be sure to keep their personal needs at the forefront of your mind, whilst also embracing the new environment as much as possible so that the transition runs smoothly.

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