If you still haven’t completed your Christmas party planning for this year then you better get a move on. Yes, its still summer, but the best venues are snapped up quickly! 

NRead on to discover some of the best tips for Christmas party planning to make your life as easy as possible…

1.     Stick to a theme

If you stick to a theme you will find it a lot easier to decorate the venue and purchase all of the supplies you need in a quick and easy manner. There are plenty of brilliant themes you can select from during this time of year. You could opt for the traditional red, green and gold. However, you could always contemporise things with a modern twist. Or what about going for glitter overload? Everyone loves sparkle at this time of year. One theme you should also consider is winter wonderland. This definitely embodies the magic of Christmas. Why not look for a fun theme to get everyone talking? Something unusual works well. A good fun theme is horoscopes and star signs. You could offer psychic readings as prizes for raffles and get everyone to dress up as their star sign.  The choice is, of‌ ‌course, yours but by having a consistent theme in mind it will make your life a lot easier and the venue look spectacular.

2.     Pick up the phone

Send out an invitation text message letting everybody know and then a couple of days later give everyone a call to see whether they are going to be able to make it or not. This is a good way to save money!

3.     Finger buffet

Why fuss over fancy catering? Instead, simply put on a finger buffet. This will be really easy to do yet you will still have the potential to amaze. If you look in all the major supermarkets you will see that they have a massive selection of Christmas party food for you to choose from and there are some really creative dishes. Most people prefer picking at food when they are at parties anyway.

4.     Convenient venue

Stick to what you know. If you have rented out a certain venue before and it has been a hit, then go for that. If not, select somewhere that is in a convenient location so that you have the time to check it out before hiring.

5.     Package deals

If you can find package Christmas party deals which are available then this is definitely the option to go for. Everything will be sorted for you which is extremely beneficial. 

So there we are… some Christmas planning tips that will help you to throw a party at the busiest time of the year without all of the stress.

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