I am becoming increasingly concerned about unnecessary waste caused by packaging and things that we buy. There is so much in the news at the moment especially with the climate report , the results terrify me and really do make me worry for my children/grandchildren’s future.

I recenty came across a survey online which found that –

“An online label manufacturer seareach, surveyed over 3,000 people aged over 18 asking them: “What frustrates you most about recycling?”

The survey asked people to choose how they feel about the current recycling situation in the UK and the results showed 39 per cent felt manufacturers use too much packaging and 24 per cent do not know what you can and can’t recycle”

I think this is spot on as a lot of people are not aware of what they can and can’t recycle. I still find it hard at times to know what can be put in plastic and should something be in the plastic box or cardboard as there are so many other little bits that can go in.

For example you can put tins , plastic and glass in my plastic recycling box. This at times is so confusing. If there were labels for wheelie bins etc , life would be much easier if there were labels on the recycling bins telling us what can and cannot go in to the bin.

In another finding “Respondents also commented on the fact that many products come in packaging that ‘isn’t currently recyclable’ and manufacturers still use black plastic for food products which cannot be recycled despite complaints from consumers to stop”

This is one that really does frustrate me! When I come across packaging that says it’s currently not recyclable I think why? Why did that form of packaging have to be used and why could another type of packaging be used. So many products have the black plastic trays when there is simply no need , recyclable cardboard could be used instead. It really does put me off buying products from these manufactures.

Another finding was that “67 per cent felt consistent understandable labeling was needed and 65 per cent believe councils need to be more transparent about recycling”

I strongly agree with this if labeling was clearer on both packaging and also at recycling banks , recycling bins etc then life would be so much easier when it comes to recycling and people would be more inclined to recycle all that they could. Councils really do need to push the guidelines and give as much info as they can , this in turn would encourage recycling and also help people understand what they are doing when it comes to recycling.

What is the recycling like in your area?

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Thoughts, Comments?

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