So here we are in to week four of lock down. The cabin fever is certainly getting to us now – yes we full our days and find things to do but it’s not the same when your freedom has been taken away. I miss the real world connection so much. We have found certain ways to try and keep some of that connection.

Face timing with family and friends 

This has been massive for us to ensure we are staying connected. We face time Grandparents and Aunties etc on a daily basis. The children have also been face timing their school friends which has been amazing for them. They get to see them and hear those familiar voices and show them what they have been up to in real time.

Virtual tours 

This has been amazing we have been searching for some virtual tours on line to take. This makes us feel like we are connected to the outside world. We have been trying to think of places we want to know more about and may want to visit once the lock down is over. Liverpool was one of the places that came up in conversation, it’s fab just think of your choice of venue and off you go.

Things we found out were – Liverpool is the home to the largest Chinese Arch outside of China and has the oldest Chinese community in Liverpool.  Not only was the Arch built with Feng Shui in mind, there are two bronze lions perched in front of it, symbolising protection. You can even show your child the 200 dragons decorated across the impressive arch!

Checking in with neighbours 

Obviously we can’t go and see our neighbours like we used to but we can stay connected. The children have been drawing pictures and posting them to our elderly neighbours. We have also been sitting at out doorsteps and chatting. This makes us feel like we are still connected and stops them from feeling lonely.

As you can see there are plenty of ways you can say connected and in the loop. This can be a really lonely time so anything to help is great. Let me know what you have been doing.

*Collaborative post

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