Considering Buying A Holiday Home In Scotland? Our Top Decorating Tips

With a rising number of people choosing a staycation this year, many are asking the question is it time to invest in the holiday property market? The follow-up question to this, is where?

A dream shared by many is moving to Scotland and set up a home in the beautiful country. Despite being one of the coldest parts of the UK, the variety of perks such as free prescriptions, free university education and warm, friendly people easily outweighs the weather.

For those not wanting to make the move but would love a permanent place in the area to stay for weekend breaks and weeks away, investing in a holiday home might be for you. Ayrshire is one of the most popular destinations in Scotland, offering visitors miles of picturesque coastlines, wildlife and quaint villages.

The benefit of having a holiday home is the ability to make a little extra money, just by renting it during peak seasons or when you are not using it. One of the ways to help attract potential guests is, not just the location but by the interior and exterior appearance of the house. If you are considering investing in a holiday home, here are just a few decorating tips to help you create a dream holiday home for yourself and your guests.

Look For Local Businesses

When looking for businesses to help complete bigger projects, support some of the local businesses in the area. Not only do they provide quality to the area your holiday home is located, but they also benefit the local area.

There will be certain decorating jobs that are better left to be completed by the professionals. For example, if you wanted to have roughcasting to the outside of your holiday home, it would save time and money to let professionals complete the job. If you were to complete it yourself and made any mistakes or if something went wrong, it could lead to further damages. When looking for a business that does roughcasting in Ayrshire, check out to see the exceptional work they provide.

Lighting Up Spaces

A well-known trick in interior design is that lighting can transform a room, so take into consideration how you can bring in the most natural light. Replace thick curtains with lightweight blinds or even shutters to brighten a room and give the illusion that it is bigger than it is.

Ayrshire is home to some spectacular views and if your property is surrounded by beautiful scenery, show it off! Invest in floor-length windows or doors to showcase the heavenly views that lie outside your holiday home.

Mix And Match

Buying all of the furniture from one place can make a room look too uniform, and if you rent your property, it could make guests feel as though they are in a showroom rather than a comfortable holiday home. By mixing and matching pieces of furniture, keeps the rooms more interesting whilst adding a dash of your personality into the mix.

Consider The Space

Having space in a property is always an important quality for any property. If you have a large party coming to stay with you, or you have rented your holiday home to a large group, having space will be much appreciated. As such, home space planning will help to maximise the space you have, without making it look cluttered.

Thoughts, Comments?

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