From the moment you have children, you want a better world for them. You want to provide them with all they can have to have a healthy and happy upbringing and a full and complete adulthood once they reach an age of independence. There are many things you can do to achieve this. You can try to get them the best education possible. You can instill good morals and values into them. You can ensure their lives are full and rich, packed with hobbies and activities that will make them happy. But you may feel other, more significant threats to their future wellbeing are out of your control. Climate change is one area many of us feel we can’t impact.

The planet is under threat and our actions are at the root of it. Climate change is resulting in severe weather changes and natural disasters – all which could impact your little ones going forward. But the truth is, helping the situation and improving the planet for your kids isn’t something that’s entirely out of your hands! You can make a change and help! Kids around the world are striking for climate change awareness, so there’s no excuse for adults not to be able to take a stance and make a difference too. Sure, you might not be able to take time off work to protest, but you can do what the protests are asking of you and lead a more green and eco-friendly lifestyle. One area to start is changing to a green energy provider. The infographic below will show you how smart grid technologies are making eco friendly more accessible and affordable!

Infographic Design By University of California RIverside

*Collaborative post

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