Owning a car isn’t getting more expensive. Fuel prices have shot up and insurance rates are at an all time high. If your car is burning through your money, don’t despair – there could be small ways in which you can make owning a car that little bit more affordable. These small savings could add up to big savings over the course of a year. Here are just a few ways to start saving money on your car.

Shop around for insurance, repairs and fuel

Taking the time to shop around before you buy can save you huge amounts on your car. Broker sites like One sure Insurance are excellent for finding the cheapest insurance deals around. As for repairs, you can collect quotes from local mechanics using sites like Who Can Fix My Car. You can even shop around for fuel prices in your area using apps such as Gas Buddy – these are particularly good for when you’re driving in a new area and aren’t familiar with the local petrol prices.

Do preventative maintenance

Many of us are guilty of putting off repairs that don’t need urgent attention. But in many cases, by paying for repairs now, you could save money by preventing future damage and repairs. For example, letting a brake pad wear down completely could cause damage to your tires and even your suspension. That isn’t to say that you should get every small fault repaired – talk to you mechanic about which repairs they think are worth the investment.

Keep your tires well inflated

Driving on underinflated tires can use up more fuel as it takes more energy to get the wheels turning when the tires aren’t firm. Underinflated tires can also lead to tire wear, as well as affecting your brake pads and suspension by putting the car out of balance, which could lead to costly repairs. Make sure that your tires are always well inflated by checking them every time before setting off.

Smoothen up your driving

Your style of driving could be making a big impact on the amount you’re spending. Harsh braking and speedy acceleration will use up more fuel. It could also be putting more strain on your car, potentially leading to parts wearing out more quickly and unnecessary repair costs. Smoothen up your driving by planning ahead more, allowing you to brake early. Meanwhile, limit fast acceleration to motorway slip roads – no racing people at the lights!

Don’t drive everywhere

The simplest way in which you can curb your car running costs is by not driving everywhere. Having a car is convenience for travelling long distance, but it doesn’t mean you should drive everywhere locally too. Start walking and cycling more often when it comes to local trips. Not only will you be cutting your spending, you’ll be cutting your carbon footprint and keeping fit at the same time.

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