We have seen so many beautiful pictures on social media of all the Bluebell woods now the season has kicked in. We were inspired by a blog post Abergavenny kids shared on their Facebook of local bluebell woods in the Brecon area. We liked the look of Cefn Coed Bluebell Woods in Crickhowell so decided to go there.

Archie and Frankie saw something on C Beebies about a family going camping and ever since Archie has asked if we can go. This was a perfect chance to set up a little day camp to give them their first experience.

We have no camping equipment and I didn’t want to spend a fortune on it. I bought the camp stove from B&M bargains for £9.99 an also the enamel plates 99p , a toaster £2.99 and the cooking pan was £1.99. I then headed to Poundland and saw some lovely tin mugs they had a few designs but I bought the ones that said “a little bit of dirt never hurt anyone” they had loads of fab ones. I bought some super cute ladybird paper plates and cups from Tiger for £1 each.


I also took some wooden spoons , a tablecloth from home , blankets and a pop up tent. We bought some egg , bread and sausages and beans in a tin which made a lovely little lunch. We then had toasted marshmallows which the ankle biters loved doing and mummy loved eating! I do need to invest in a new flask as a cuppa would have been lovely.



The woods were easy to find and had parking space enough for around four cars. It really was magical in the woods and was full of bluebell carpets. There were loads of lovely spots to set up a camp stove or picnic.

After lunch we did a full circle around the forest. The littles loved exploring and playing in the leaves and bluebells. They also loved looking at all the holes in the trees and were convinced there were owls in them. I love their little imaginations at this age. It took about an hour to look around and explore so it made a lovely afternoon out.

I would really recommend going and having an explore and taking some pictures. We have some beautiful ones which we are now going to print on to canvas. The colours were amazing and it was so peaceful just listening to the bird song.


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