When decluttering, do you include checking boxes, the attic or the garage for old gadgets, appliances and tech?

You should. All homes and offices can clear up a significant amount of space when they dispose of unwanted gadgets, including radios, TVs, computer monitors, keyboards, wires and the like.

But don’t just throw all of them into the trash bin. Here’s how you can declutter with purpose and sustainability in mind.

Test and Divide Working and Non-Working Items

Batteries. For battery-operated gadgets such as hearing aids, old radios or alarm clocks, it’s best to take them out before responsibly disposing of them. Wear gloves to avoid accidents.

Adapters and Plugs. Keep USB-C’s, lightning and micro-USBs because they might still be useful. For odd-shaped or special wires, check and see where they fit in, e.g., webcams, radios, modems and electronic toys.

Large Items. You may have an old desktop computer, a CRT monitor or any big items, such as faxes, printers and gaming consoles. Find the appropriate cable, plug them in and test out keyboards and mice accessories along the way. Check PC installation disks and see if you still have the hardware for it.

Small Items. These include e-readers, mp3 players, walkie-talkies, tablets, digicams and handheld gaming devices. Check them individually and see if they’re still serviceable. For working ones, find the appropriate cable, adapter and box and put them on a separate pile.

Decluttering Your Old Gadgets Responsibly

Do you know of someone who will really appreciate your old tech items? Make their day by them up as a gift and presenting it to your nephew, niece, co-worker or neighbor. You give your gadgets a new lease in life and prevent it from ending up as landfill.

Sell Them Online

Working electronics can be sold via online marketplaces. eBay will list your device for selling to numerous visitors who may want it. You can take a photo of your iPod, DVD, Kindle eBook reader, cell phone or laptop, add a helpful description and a price.

Facebook’s Marketplace is an online platform that allows you to sell your old stuff to friends and their social circle. It works similarly to eBay in that you’ll need to arrange a meeting to exchange your goods for cash.

For those who don’t like to wait for a buyer, there’s Plunc. Simply list the gadget you have, wait for the offer and send the item via package. Once received, you get your money. The platform takes Xbox Ones, Nintendo Switches, iPhones, Galaxy Phones, MacBooks and Apple Watches.

Recycling Programmes

Mobile phones, tablets and laptops are made of several hundred components, processors and chips that could be reused to create a new product. Global companies such as LG,

Lenovo, Apple, Samsung, Motorola and Dell have started offering cashbacks, rewards and credits for consumers who want to have their old tech recycled in a responsible manner.

Mobile Phone Xchange and Envirofone are two recycling platforms where you can exchange any old phone for cash. For broken items and ones that have cracked screens, dead batteries and impairments, Mazuma can buy them for a reasonable offer.

Give Them To Charity

Your outdated goods may no longer serve a function, but other organizations can still make use of them. Your local kid’s center, foundation, school or church can serve more people using your items. For instance, Parkinson’s UK can accept iPods, mobiles, cameras, laptops and GPS equipment, while the Great Ormond Street Hospital can accept old gaming consoles, game titles and handhelds.

The bottom line is, your tech will be made useful again and for a good cause instead of gathering dust in drawers, boxes or the garage.

Designate an Area For Tech Accessories

Make for a cleaner, decluttered space by collecting all cables, wires and chargers and putting the ones you’re not using everyday into a box. Label each one for earphones, computer cables, USB cables, etc. and put them somewhere that’s accessible. In about six months, revisit these boxes and see if they can still be used, or if the hardware is already sold or donated.

Decluttering is easy and it only takes less than an hour or two to round up your old tech. You may be in for a nice surprise when you find that one of your gadgets is rare vintage and is worth a lot of money.

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