Digital Smile Design is a restorative dental procedure that you can undertake when you are unhappy with your smile. This may be due to sustaining an injury to your mouth that has broken or damaged your teeth, or when you have crooked or overlapping teeth that have left you feeling self-conscious about your smile.

There is no doubt that when you are unhappy about your smile, it can be difficult for you to feel confident or comfortable when smiling at people. You really want to appear warm and friendly, but you feel that your smile lets you down.

This can result in you hiding your smile when you meet new people and giving off the wrong impression. You can appear aloof or unfriendly when hiding your smile away, which is often not the case at all.

Using DSD to correct your smile

With Digital Smile Design (DSD), you will be able to gain your smile back and feel more relaxed about showing your smile to people.

Not all dentist carry DSD technology or offer the opportunity to get a clear idea of what your results will look like following corrective dental treatment. This is why it makes sense to look around for a good treatment provider that has plenty of experience of DSD and uses the very latest equipment to perform DSD procedures.

Luckily, Glow Dental in London offers Digital Smile Design options and operate the latest cutting-edge DSD technology to deliver perfectly designed smiles to their patients.

How does DSD work?

Digital Smile Design is a very flexible restorative dental treatment protocol that enables patients to regain their confident smiles once again following an accident or illness that has negatively affected their teeth, and for those people wanting to correct a crooked smile that is affecting their confidence or oral health.

The treatment begins with an advanced diagnostic check-up to identify the structural framework of your mouth, jaw and facial bone structure and assess the aesthetics of your mouth.

You as a patient will be more aware of what to expect with your corrective procedures all the way through your treatments and you will have a shared visual idea with your dentist about your predicted treatment outcomes.

Predicting your treatment outcomes

One of the most popular aspects of undertaking DSD treatment for a patient is that you can get a very accurate prediction of your finished results. You can get to see a digital image of your results and how your smile will look within an accurate framework of your face.

Through the use of digital smile design technology, it is far easier to predict an accurate outcome of your treatment plan and gives both you and your dentist a visual clue about how your smile will look once treatment is completed.

This can help you as a patient to better stick to your plan of treatment without worrying about the outcomes or whether your treatment is worth the effort. There will be no surprises along the way and your dentist will keep a record of your progress through regular photographs and videos as you go along.

Glow Dental Digital Smile Design

When looking for a DSD practitioner in London, Glow Dental is a good choice of provider to work with. Using CAD-CAM (computer-aided design-computer aided manufacture) dentistry and 3D printing technology, Glow Dental is at the cutting edge of this modern restorative dental treatment choice in London.

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