Winter brings a magical ambience to any wedding. The soft, fluffy white snow covers the landscape with natural beauty. It’s alluring and reminds us all of the good times from our childhood. We love to hear the crunch underneath our footsteps, we love to see children smiling and giggling while throwing snowballs at each other. If this is your cup of tea, a winter wedding would suit you perfectly. This season is more mystical and mysterious than the other three. It also boasts a more grandiose nature as winter weddings are always a little bit extra. The thicker and higher quality fabrics, the mesmerising lighting and the fairytale venues are to die for. How could you make your wedding just that little bit more elegant?



Accessories for winter


Wedding dresses are not designed with certain seasons in mind. This would hamper the designer from using their full creativity. Instead, to stay warm in your wedding dress you should wear a cape. Silk or Egyptian cotton wedding cape would not only keep your bare shoulders and arms comfortable, but it gives you a ‘fair maiden’ vibe. A fairytale princess, shielding her beauty from the cold temperatures is picturesque in our minds since childhood. A faux fur stole wrapped around your neck and shoulders would be extravagant and elegant. The soft stole will trap your body heat, keeping you warm and looking radiant. If you’d like to keep it humble, a high thread count wool, a chic cardigan would do nicely. 


A royal touch


Maybe you have always wanted a certain style of wedding dress. Many women admit they selected a style of wedding dress they would want when they were children. However, for a winter wedding convention will have to be passed. Invest in a long sleeve wedding dress. See-through patterns are alluring but they don’t give too much away. A long sleeve dress would also give you a more slender shape and compliment your feminine limbs. For your bridesmaids, these types of ice blue dresses would fit with a frosty and or icy environment. Consider this high-waist V-neck Alfred Sung satin sleeveless maxi dress. The V-Neck Chiffon Gown with Streamer at Back Strap drapes to the floor and the chest opens up to wider yet thin straps. The icy blue colour would go well with any winter environment and nicely sets the tone for your magical day.


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A romantic end


Winter and candlelit dinners go hand in hand. The flickering flame adds a charming amber ambience to your dinner. Winter decorations such as red berry clusters and natural greenery such as holly bush, should be splayed across the dining tables. Tartan is quite a wintery pattern if you’re from Western Europe, this could be utilised in the design of napkins for your guests. Winter flowers such as red and white roses would add so much to the romantic image of your party. 


Winter is inherently magical, there’s just something about it that elevates the romance in the air. Your bridesmaids would look gorgeous in icy blue dresses that match the frost and early winter nights.

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