When the anklebiters have gone to bed I like to totally relax after a busy day. I usually like get comfy and watch movies. I am a bit of a movie addict and like such a wide range of genres so there is always something I want to watch , as well as classics.

We have recently been talking about getting a new bed , we got a new mattress last year but really need to change the bed as it is around ten years old. Whilst browsing I came across a TV bed site and they have such a fab range of beds with TV’s built-in. I love this idea.

I think this is a great idea for a few reasons. Sometimes I just want to go up to bed early to lay down and relax. I would like to lay in a comfy bed and catch up on TV programmes I’ve watched or just watch a movie. We haven’t got a TV in our room as we don’t want to drill holes in to the wall to hang one. This is the only safe option with the little ones as we don’t want them knocking off a stand or chest of drawers.

The anklebiters wake up pretty early and always want to come in to our room. It would be great to have a TV to keep them occupied for an extra half an hour so that the wake up can be done gradually by us. Instead at the moment we are summoned out of bed immediately to go downstairs.

They have such a wide range of TV beds which is fab as I remember when they beds first came out there was only a few to choose from. I want a pink and grey theme in the bedroom so would really like a grey bed. This is also a good option if we want to change the theme in the future as grey goes with so many colours.

We also want to go for a king-size as we have a double now and with to little ones this just isn’t practical. When they come in to bed in the morning James and I are literally hanging on the end of the bed.

Also on the rare night one of them are poorly and we bring them in with us there is never any room.  We also need more storage and the TV beds even come with an ottoman option and other storage options which is amazing. You get so much value for money as everything is all in one.

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