There can be so many worries during pregnancy are you eating the right things , taking the right pre natal vitamins , staying stress free etc the list is endless. For some worries there is not a definite answer or way to easily identify something is wrong.

I  worried a lot about things that could go wrong during pregnancy for example unexplained bleeding , amniotic fluid leaking etc. I did have a few scare experiences with both of these things during both my first and second pregnancy.

I wish that AmnioSense was around throughout my pregnancy as it would have saved a lot of worrying and wondering if what I was experiencing was normal.

AmnioSense is the only home test available in the UK that can help you understand if a fluid leak during pregnancy is more likely amniotic fluid or urine. The product is a panty liner with detector strip which will change colour from yellow to green or blue if your PH level is equal to or higher than 6.5.

Amniotic fluid has an acidity level greater than 6.5 so this could indicate if this is what you are experiencing. A great feature Is that the panty liner can be worn for 12 hours which would identify a slow leak too. Also only two drops of fluid are needed to identify a leak of amniotic fluid.

This will be such a weight off any pregnant Mum’s mind and one less thing to worry about. It could also be the difference between getting yourself checked out or passing off symptoms as something else. It can also save an unnecessary visit to hospital if you are unsure.

AmnioSense is available in packs of 12 pantyliners for £29.99 from Boots stores or online via the AmnioSense website.

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