Easter is my favourite time of year I love the start of spring , daffodils , tulips and seeing the little lambs in the field.

Today we had a rainy afternoon so this was a perfect chance to try out the Easter crafts and make Archie’s bonnet for this parade at nursery next week.

There are some fab Easter bonnet craft bits out in the shops at the moment. We thought we would try the Works and Poundland’s ranges.

I love the fact they now sell boys style hats in either cowboy or trilby style. Archie chose a yellow cow boy hat and Frankie chose a pretty pink bonnet with lace detailing.

We bought a selection of decorations which included carrots , bunnies and chicks , sheep , feathers , eggs and ribbons and some felt bunnies and eggs- we also got some pva glue. There was so much choice we could have bought the whole shop.

We started by putting some feathers around the edge , I found the decorations stuck better to the feathers than they did the bonnet so they were a good base.


Archie and Frankie then had free reign of where they wanted to put their decorations. they both enjoyed this but Archie more so than Frankie as he is now three he has more attention to detail and really enjoys crafts. Where as Frankie has only just turned two she looses interest quickly and wants to know what’s next.

The ribbon was really useful to tie around the middle to hold the felt decorations in place , it looked pretty too.

Absolutely love the bonnets the tots made this afternoon.  Archie cant wait to show his off at the parade next week and Frankie hasn’t taken hers off yet. She went for the minimalist look with just feathers , that’s toddlers for you they know exactly what they want.



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