We have been really trying lately to become more sustainable and eco-friendly , we have even been teaching the little ones about this too. I believe this is important as you learn from a very young age and if they are in the routine of doing these things it just becomes second nature.

There are loads of things you can change straight away to help make the switch –

Use shampoo and soap bars

These are such a great alternative to buying loads of different bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Also shower gel etc , we end up with so many bottles between ourselves and the kids. It’s far more eco-friendly to buy the bars as there is no waste. It’s also much cheaper as they last longer too.

Use re usable and eco-friendly bags

This is a great way to reduce single use plastic. I used to be awful for buying plastic bags in every shop I went in to and then I would end up with a cupboard full of them. Now I have a pile of re usable eco-friendly bags that I use. I have come across some bags online called Core bags which also look great.

Take your own Tupperware to buy meet and buy fruit and veg with no packaging

A lot of supermarkets are now allowing you to take your own Tupperware and take your meat home this way , this cuts down on so much plastic. Also visiting butchers you can do the same.

Get your milk delivered in glass bottles

Having a milk man used to be such a popular option when I was a child , this then kind of fizzled out. There are now more milk delivery services making a comeback , this saves on so much single use plastic.

Get your fruit and veg delivered

The amount of plastic we have after doing the food shopping and buying fruit and veg is ridiculous. There are many online specialists who offer a fruit and veg delivery service. Your local greengrocers may also offer this too.

These are just little changes that can be made that will make a huge difference to the war on plastic and sustainability. It is so important to take these steps and create are more sustainable environment for your family.

*Collaborative post

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