If you want your child to succeed in school, you should make every activity an opportunity for learning. This means you should embrace educational activities, even during the school holidays. October half term is a great time for children and their families to get outdoors a few more times before the chill truly sets in. Here are some ideas to get you started from an independent school in Kent.


A perfect place to start is with a walk through wildlife. Fresh air and exercise are great but a nature-filled walk is also a very educational opportunity. Talk to your child about how the change in seasons has affected the plants and trees. You should also make a note of all the different species and habitats you come across and explore the concept of hibernation and other natural phenomena. 


Lots of parents find it hard to prise their young ones away from their mobile phones and other digital devices. With that in mind, why not go geocaching and take the digital generation outdoors. Using GPS-enabled device, your family can hunt for treasures and discover some truly stunning scenery along the way.


Alternatively, if you fancy a day indoors, why not do some baking? Get your kids to work out the measurements for the ingredients and enjoy a tasty treat at the end of it. You should also consider if there are there any museums or art galleries nearby that you could visit. They are great when the weather is bad because they still get the family out and about, the kids get to learn and feel inspired, and it’s also a free trip (which is rare these days).


There are lots of other things you can do; some extravagant and expensive and others completely free and still bags of fun. If you have any more ideas of things to do this half term, feel free to share them!

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