This is the first year we are doing Elf on the shelf so I thought I would share what we are going to do. It will also help me remember what to do every day.

1st December 

North Pole breakfast 

When the little ones come down for breakfast the table will be dressed up with a Christmas tablecloth and paper plates and cups – I bought all of these for 59p each at Home Bargains. I will also put their advent calendars out my their place and read them a letter introducing the Elf. I might even see if I can get the Elf on the shelf DVD. I will also put the Elf’s door on the skirting board and explain to them that the elf will be using this every day to come in and out to check on them. They have given Mummy a scratch calendar to tick off if they have been naughty or nice every day this was from pound stretcher £1.29.

2nd December 

Christmas Duvets 

The elf had left them a Christmas duvet cover night to put on their bed. I bought mine on Amazon my two have cot bed size duvet and they were on sale £4.49 for the minion design.

3rd December 

The Elf has wrapped the playroom door with wrapping paper and left an Elf cam to watch them at all times.

4th December 

The Elf has changed the scatter cushions to Christmas themed ones and wrapped them up for the little ones to open. I have seen Christmas cushions in pound land complete with cushion.

5th December 

Elf has brought them a new cereal but has had some fun playing in it and jumping in and out and has made a little bit of a mess.

6th December

Elf has brought some stickers but had some fun with them and is covered head to toe in stickers. I bought the stickers from Wilkos.

7th December 

The Barbie dolls have had enough of the naughty Elf and taped him to the wall.

8th December 

The elf has found the sweet stash and opened them overnight but has left a packet each for the little ones but they have to find them first – hide them and give them clues.

9th December 

Elsa has visited and frozen the Elf –  to freeze the Elf put him in an empty ice cream container and freeze overnight then get him out in the block of ice and put Elsa next to him.

10th December 

The Elf has brought the little ones a Christmas book each to read before bed.

11th December 

The elf has wrapped toilet rolls around the Christmas tree.

12th December

The Elf has put pom poms on everyone’s noses in the photos – to turn them in to Rudolph – use the craft pom poms from Wilko or pound land.

13th December 

Taking a bath in mini marshmallows.

14th December 

Snow angels in icing sugar on the kitchen floor.

15th December 

Turning the milk green with food colouring – you could use an old milk carton with water and green food colouring for this.

16th December 

Elf goes fishing for fish crackers – make a mini fishing rod and use some fish shaped crackers.

17th December

Hanging Christmas lights on the photos in the lounge – you can buy sets of LED lights in pound land for this.

18th December 

Elf brings an activity book and crayons – open the crayons and scatter them next to the Elf – the little ones can’t play with this until they have eaten breakfast and got dressed.

19th December 

The Elf has been messing around with the toilet put cling film over the top of the toilet seat and sit the Elf on it.

20th December 

Barricade the bedroom doors with crepe garland so they can get out.

21st December

Draw a message on the window with glass pens and draw a picture of a Christmas tree from the Elf.

22nd December 

Candy cane hunt – place the Elf in a box of empty candy canes and make the little ones go on a hunt around the house for the candy canes.

23rd December 

Get the little ones cars /small toys or lego and use them to make the shape of a giant snow man on the lounge floor.

24th December – GOODBYE ELF 

Leave a letter saying goodbye from the Elf and remembering all the fun you have had together and leave a bag of reindeer food , carrot and mince-pie for Santa for them to leave out tonight. He will also leave their stockings to hang too. I also have an Elf snap card game to give them from the Elf too which I bought in pound land.

Pound land are also selling progress report’s for every day which I’m going to buy and fill in and say what the little ones did well that day or if they were naughty how they could have acted differently.I have bought a mail box from Tiger stores especially for the Elf to leave mail.  A lot of the pound shops have a huge elf selection now so it’s handy to pick things up along the way. Hope this has helped ! Happy Elf on the shelf. Also our Elf was from Poundstretcher priced £2.99.

This post is in no way sponsored just sharing the love.



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