If there’s one thing we’ve all learned during the time of Covid-19, it’s that technology has become more indispensable to our daily living than we had ever expected. Yet this doesn’t mean all systems are to our benefit, or that we can live easily without a functional knowledge of how best to use this tech. Entrepreneurs, it’s important that you accept these facts sooner rather than later. It’s not uncommon for those with noble intent to overcomplicated everything they touch, from the admirable mission statement they compose to how they structure their IT systems in aid of productivity.

Yet how can simplifying your tech needs help you achieve more in the long run? Is this even possible, or is simplifying only going to leave you at a disadvantage compared to firms that have many times the manpower you do? In this quick post, we hope to explore three methods any entrepreneur can use to legitimize their structural approach to their startup, home business or small firm, and from there spend time on the matters they really need to focus on.

With that in mind, please consider the following advice:

Physical Address Services

Physical address services https://physicaladdress.com/ can aid you in more ways than one. They can help you set up virtual mailboxes alongside mail forwarding options. They can also help digitize your mail, and do so through easy access using apps for both the Play and App stores. Additionally, services like this can help you mask your home or startup address, which for understandable reasons you may wish to keep private. Many entrepreneurs can find themselves, through nature of their hyper-focus on developing their product, neglecting correspondence. This approach can save you from that fate.

Enterprise Suites

Enterprise suites can be a worthwhile means of collecting and maintaining your user accounts on a network. G Suite is one of these services worth keeping in mind. When you can register a domain name as part of your business enterprise email address, and follow a firstname.lastname account structure, your employees (or co-founders) can manage their tech profiles with uniformity. When you begin adding lower-level workers to your organization, this can also help you manage their devices, cloud access, account privileges and security practices. To that extent, these services are more than worth investing in.

Cloud Platforms

Cloud platforms, such as Microsoft 365 or Google’s drive file stream, can help you categorize, backup, tag, protect and develop your documentation correctly. It will also allow you quick access to add users to your network and thus become able to share certain files at certain privilege levels. The creation of sharable folders can help you give quick briefs to subcontractors, or partners you work with. Additionally, as entrepreneurs are prone to travel and seem to always be on the move, carrying around your entire digital briefcase, protected with a security key, could be a great investment to make.

With this advice, we hope entrepreneurs can simplify their tech requirements while protecting themselves in the long run.

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