My Grandad is Maltese and I have loads of family living in Malta so I have a really special connection with the country , it’s part of my heritage. I have visited many times during my childhood and adult life.

It’s such a beautiful island with so much to do and there really is something for everyone. I have so many amazing memories from over the years. Here are some of my favourite.

The Beaches

There are many beautiful beaches in and around Malta , you have the option of sandy and rocky beaches. The beaches are so clean and clear and the water warms up nicely in the summer sometimes to around 30 degrees.

My favourite beaches are Mellieha Bay and Golden Bay. My favourite memories are playing on the beaches with my cousins and eating the Maltese speciality sarnies my auntie had made. We would be at the beach all day until the sun was going down.

We would spend the days snorkelling and paddling in the warm sea. I have so many fond memories an cant wait for my little ones to make the same memories.

Choosing cakes on the bridge in Valletta 

The capital city of Malta is a beautiful city. Loads to see and do from bustling markets , boutique shops and amazing restaurants.

The cake shops and stands are so yummy the smell hits you as you get off the bus. I have very fond memories of getting off the bus with my Nan and Grandad and them letting me choose whichever cake I wanted.

The Blue lagoon 

This is one of the most stunning places I have ever visited. It’s easy to reach with one of the many boat trips on offer which are really reasonable and often include a meal on the boat.

The water is crystal clear and you get to dip in and out of the caves in some of the boats. I have so many memories of boat trips to the blue lagoon , jumping in with my Dad and snorkelling it was just amazing.


I used to love going to my Auntie Mary’s house the smell of pea and ham soup or rabbit stew would hit you as you walked in. She would feed us until our bellies were about to burst. It was great to be surrounded by so many family members and play in the narrow streets of Cospicua with my cousins.

For me holidays are where we make a lot of ur childhood memories. I cant wait to make some memories aboard with the ankle biters.

I have been browsing and have found some amazing holidays that will be fab for memory making.

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