As you know a few months back we moved house. We looked at so many houses , it’s funny going to see a house for the first time it’s like a first date. Will you like it? Will it be all you are looking for ? Will you want to see it again?

I knew the first time we viewed our house it was the one as it was perfect for us , in fact it’s more than perfect as it ticks every box. There are many reasons I fell in love with our house after that first date. A recent survey carried out by Barclays revealed that it takes people 10 seconds to decide if a house is right for them. This was definitely the case for us and these are the elements we fell in love with on our 1st house date –

The entrance hall 

As soon as I set foot through the hall I just knew I was going to love the rest of the house. Its so bright and airy – I also love how big the hallway was. The tiles were just gorgeous too , gives it that vintage feel.

The lounge

I loved this as there are two reception rooms we chose the 1st as the lounge and the 2nd as a playroom. The ceilings in all of the rooms were so high and the big bay window also swung it for us. The fact that there is a real coal fire is also fabulous , cant wait to get it going over Christmas.

The kitchen 

When we walked in to the kitchen for the 1st time I could instantly picture myself in there cooking and how I would have it set out. I think its always a good sign if you can picture yourself somewhere when you are looking at it.

The bedrooms 

These were huge and all bigger than double sized which is what you need when you have two small children with a lot of toys. Having children we just seem to accumulate loads of “stuff” so having big rooms with storage is always a plus.

I also loved the outside of the house and the garden as soon as we saw it. The garden was fairly well kept and I particularly liked the style of brick the house had. I was interested to read that 35% of property seekers wont even enter a house if they’re not happy with it’s exterior. I think it’s so important what the house looks like from the outside too.

Buying a house is such a huge decision that you have to be ready for mentally and financially  , there are so many things to think of when buying a house from surveys to work that needs to be done. It’s definitely something that cant be rushed in to. One of the 1st steps is to always pay for a thorough survey companies like The Law House can provide these for you to ensure everything runs smoothly.

*Collaborative post.

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