Life is busy for everyone and for moms, it is super busy! Whether you are a stay at home mom or a 9 to 5 working mom, the day is always very draining. In this case, it’s very tempting to order something or grab a pizza on your way back home and save yourself from the ordeal of dinner making. But you know that this isn’t a healthy choice and it’s terrible for your budget too. That’s when kitchen gadgets come in handy to save the day. They reduce your time and effort in making dinner so you can give your family a nice homemade meal without tiring out yourself.

Being a mom is a great job. I love it and enjoy it every day, but along with this gig comes the stuff that isn’t so great. Things like an endless amount of laundry or making huge dinners that you slave over and nobody seems to appreciate them! Having to clean dishes after such meal or every day having to pick wet towels up of the floor, I mean they’re all these little things that are irritating or time-consuming. I am sharing some of the gadgets that help me save time and give me more time the enjoyable mom’s stuff with my kids.

  • The magic coffee maker

I can’t even properly get out of my bed without having a nice cup of coffee. Coffee is a must-have for almost every mom to function through the day without getting exhausted too soon. A coffee maker is something that you should have in your kitchen so that you could avoid making coffee the traditional way and save that time and effort for something else.

Obviously, if you really love coffee and want to spend a lot of money on a professional machine, then you can take a look at places like Iron and Fire. But if you’re on a budget, then this machine will do the trick.

It helps you make exactly the type of coffee you want to make. Buy this and have excellent coffee just in minutes while you get your children ready for school; we all are addicted to morning coffee. Although coffee is a great source of energy and has tones of health benefits, I strongly recommend not to drink more than two cups in 24 hours. I suggest not buying something fancy because you can buy a quality coffee maker for under $100.


  • The Slow cooker that works as genie


Slow cooker comes in use when you have lots of work to do, and you can’t stand in the kitchen for tossing and turning vegetables. All you have to do is just the put the vegetables, meat, or whatever you want to make along with the seasoning and set the timer. The dinner will cook itself; meanwhile, you can complete your work or just go out for a nice pedicure. Isn’t it the perfect choice for moms? No more standing in the kitchen. One other great thing about the automatic slow cookers is that cooking food slowly brings out all the natural flavours in your food. An automatic slow cooker will cost you something around $50. 



  • The Food chopper that just chops off the cooking time


The most time consuming and irritating thing in the kitchen can be chopping vegetables. To save yourself from this time consumption and fatigue, you can have a food chopper. You just put vegetables or fruits in, it will chop them for you. Different kinds of choppers are available in the market with different sizes and shapes of the blade, and you can buy the one you want and have nicely chopped vegetables in no time. You can also keep a charming chef’s knife in your kitchen, but with that, you will have to learn chopping skills. For me, an automatic chopper is more convenient and timesaving. You can add a food chopper in your kitchen utensils for $30.



  • Big Wide-slot toaster


Imagine all your kids plus your husband crave for a sandwich at the same time, and you feel like waiting for ages to get all the bread toasted. But this problem can be solved by buying a wide-slot toaster! Yes, they do exist and are not even very expensive. You can toast a maximum of 6 slices at once. This is going to save you a hell lot of time. Plus, you can even toast bagels and English muffins in it. You must have this in your kitchen, so you don’t have to toast bread for everyone and wait for eternity. You can buy excellent quality wide-slot toaster for something between $30 to $50.



  • A blender that blends everything


To make puree can be time-consuming and really messy. Do you try to avoid a meal that involves any kind of puree? But if you get a nice blender, you can make all the purees you want in little time. It’s easy to wash and makes no mess. There are many affordable blenders in the market, buy the one that goes with your budget. It will help you make soups, sauces, smoothies etc. You just put the ingredients in it and blend, add water for desired consistency. You can buy a durable blender under $50.

I am so grateful that we live in such a marvellous and technologically advanced world that has made cooking at home so much easier for moms. Even imagining my kitchen without these gadgets make me tired. With these gadgets in your kitchen, your life would just be heaven, and you’ll have time to finish that novel you never got to finish or just lie down on the sofa and relax because making dinner won’t be time-consuming as before. They are not very expensive; a wide range of companies offer these gadgets at affordable prices. I hope that this article will help, and you’ll get these magic gadgets to make your life easier.

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