As a woman, dresses are likely a staple of your wardrobe. These articles of clothing are versatile as they can be dressed up or toned down, depending on your mood or where you are going. No matter where fashion leads us, there are many classic dress styles that you simply cannot go without.

Even if you are a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, it is still important to have a couple of dresses in your closet for those moments when you need them. Here are 5 of the hottest dress styles for 2018 that you should make sure you have in your closet to create a boutique dress collection that your friends will envy.

1 A Great Floral Number
When it comes to the fashion trends of 2018, floral is definitely in. Every girl should own at least on floral printed dress. A knee length floral dress can be worn at a backyard barbeque, garden party, or even a summer wedding. If you are bold, choose a big and bright print. Those who do not want to stand out may prefer a smaller floral print that is quite popular. No matter which you choose, a floral dress is something that you absolutely must add to your closet in 2018.

2 Fail Safe Party Dress
There are times when you are going to just want to go out on the town and not really worry about what you are wearing. This is wear a great slip on party dress comes in handy. The 2018 trend in design for party dresses are all about art. Using great colour mixing, fashion designers are truly taking artwork as inspiration and turning it into fun party dresses for the masses. Make sure you add a great party dress to your wardrobe that you feel good wearing at just about any time. For a great selection of cute dresses, check out Top Tier Style.

3 Little Black Dress
It does not matter who you are or what you do, every girl simply must have a little black dress in her closet. This is the go to dress for any type of event you are going to. Little black dresses are always in style and that trend is not changing in 2018. The reason is black is a flattering colour on everyone and when it is paired with a sexy pair of heals, a glam hairdo, and some great jewellery, you really cannot go wrong.

4 A Little Red Dress
Just like a little black dress, it is also important to have a little red dress in your closet. This dress is perfect for showing off and drawing some attention to yourself. The little red dress should be fun and flirty and is worn on special occasions. For those who do not like drawing attention to themselves, consider a duller red as opposed to something bright and bold. You really cannot go wrong when you are choosing a great red dress.

5 A Shirt Dress
One of the best every day dresses that a girl can own is a great shirt dress. These button up the front numbers are just like wearing your boyfriend’s shirt. If you want to be on trend for 2018, choose a shirt dress that is plaid. Plaid has made a definite comeback and you really cannot go wrong with any type of plaid shirt dress that you can find. These fun and flirty dresses can be worn out for a day of shopping or at the park.

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