I have found loads of little hacks since being a Mum to help lighten the load and get things done quickly. Here are my 5 top tips for making life easier when you have little ones.

1 – Do your grocery shop online 

This makes it so much easier than a stressful trip to the supermarket with two little ones crying and demanding everything in the shop. I find it so much easier to also stick to the list and the budget. It helps me keep the cost down and not over spend as I’m not getting distracted by things on offer which in turn adds to my shopping bill.

2- Batch cooking meals 

Have a morning or an afternoon to batch cook for the week. This then saves so much time and stress as you can just heat up what you fancy. You can cook and freeze all sorts like curry , bolognaise , shepherds pie.

3- Do all your banking and bills online 

This makes life so much easier and saves loads of trips to the bank. With anytime banking you can check your accounts online , pay bills , set up direct debits and much more.  You can even send money.

4- Get all the uniforms ready at the start of the week 

I wash , dry and iron them on a Friday. This way they are all sorted for Monday. I use plastic drawer storage and put the uniform for each day in a drawer along with the socks and underwear.

5- Always try to be as organised as you can

I have learnt that organisation is key and not leaving things until the very last-minute.  I have done this before and seriously regretted it. It can be simple things such as planning activities for the week. It’s so much better knowing what we are doing each day and not having to waste time planning on the day.

*Collaborative post


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