You only get a certain number of summers with your little ones before they’re old enough to start making their own plans with their friends. There’s not much you can do to prolong that time but you can certainly make sure that the time you spend together is joyously memorable. Here are just a few adventures you and your children can embark on this summer.

Getting active
Nothing teaches children the value of exercise like an active day. If your budget allows for it check out venues like laser tag centres, a football day camp, or trampoline parks, and get the kids running around and playing. Alternatively you could take them to the park and get involved in their game of tag. With slightly older kids organise fun family activities out on weekends which could involve getting everyone on their bikes and riding down the coast before stopping for a healthy picnic and getting out the water pistols out. Anything that is guaranteed to get everyone moving. The best part is the children will all be too tired at the end of the day to protest going to bed.

If the weather forecast looks promising you could take the kids camping for a few days and show them the great outdoors. Brush up on some simple survival skills and teach them how to survive in the wild introduce them to the simple thrill of climbing trees and in the evening you can show them how to make perfect s’mores over the campfire. Not only does this experience encourage them to work together to put up the tent and start a fire it will help them appreciate the things they take for granted at home; hot showers and indoor plumbing seems like a luxury after a weekend in the woods. Most importantly spending time outdoors will teach children how to respect nature and the environment. If you love the outdoors and want to do this more regularly and even camp out on holiday this site is great for tips and hints when outdoor.

Rainy day fun
Unfortunately you can’t always guarantee perfect summer whether. The next time it rains keep the little ones occupied by teaching them how to cook. You can have them help you make the family’s favourite dinner  , choose a new recipe to try together, or you can teach them how to make a really easy dish so they can begin building their cooking skills. If they help you with dinner,be sure to compliment them on their contribution and watch their little faces light up with pride.

Visit relatives
You and your partner aren’t the only ones who treasure your limited time with your children. If there’s time in your schedule, arrange a visit to your parents’ or siblings so your kids can spend some time getting to know their family. Perhaps you have a relative who lives near to the beach, a famous attraction, or even in a foreign country, which will be perfect for expanding your children’s horizons.

Thoughts, Comments?

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