Raising money for charity is a wonderful thing. You’re doing something selfless for someone that might be less fortunate than you or needs the funding or resources to make themselves a better life. Whatever the charity is that you’re raising money for, you’ll need some ideas to get you started. So here are four ideas to raise money for charity.

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Take On An Extreme Hike Or Fitness Challenge

Is jumping out of a plane the type of thrill-seeking experience that those donating would want to see you do? Maybe you have a fear of heights and therefore for you to do something like this would definitely be worth backing you for. Maybe it’s an extreme hike, where you can trek up the Himalayas for charity, or you enter into a marathon that requires you to work hard over a period of a few months. All these extreme and unexpected challenges are a great way to encourage friends, family and strangers to donate both before and after the challenge take place. 

Sell Your Baked Goods

Have a talent for baking? Well if it’s a case of making individuals part with their cash, then food is the best way to get it. You don’t need to be a master chef, but as long as they taste good and are edible, you can make a regular bake sale in your local neighbourhood or perhaps at the place you work. For a small charge, most people are likely to pay that or a little more in order to fill their bellies with a sweet treat. 

Run A Pub Quiz

If you’re friends and those closest to you, are big fans of the alcohol and a pub setting, then why not run a pub quiz? Get in touch with your local pubs nearby to see if they wouldn’t mind partnering up with you to put on a quiz night. As long as you pick a night where you know that the pub is notoriously quiet, you’re bringing potential customers into their venue, and that for them is a win-win situation. You can then charge those that want to take part a certain amount and the prize or prizes can be things that have been donated or perhaps a bottle of house wine from the pub itself. It doesn’t need to be a financial prize if you want to put as much of it towards the charity. 

Organise A Raffle

A raffle is a very traditional way of raising money, especially when it doesn’t even have to cost you more than the book of raffle tickets you but for the raffle draw itself. Ask local businesses and also big commercial ones to possibly donate something of value to the prize draw. Send out a quick email or letter to explain what you’re trying to do and then gather all these prizes together and start promoting the raffle at various events and evenings where you’re with your friends, colleagues or family. The more you sell, the more you’ll make!

Use some of these ideas for your own charity fundraising, and you’ll be helping out your chosen charity with a cash injection in no time at all.

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