A great way to start is to find things that you enjoy doing that also happen to be good for the environment (or at least less damaging). Incorporating green thinking into family games and activities will make switching over more appealing and fun for everybody, and hopefully is an effective way of educating the family and normalising green practices for them to continue into their future.

Here are some tips for making your family a little greener:

This doesn’t have to be anything as fancy as restoring an antique bedside table or making a couture dress from old curtains. Upcycling also incorporates anything you’ve made yourself from something that’s past its prime.

You might be one of those families that keeps the cardboard from toilet rolls, or stores pieces of fabric in case they could be sewn into something new. Have a look around your home for what could be given a refreshing new look or purpose and get creative. Peanut butter jars can turn into fancy pen pots, offcuts of fabric can be sewn into soft photo frames and coloured paper pieces can be turned into Christmas tree decorations.

Take a look at Pinterest for inspiration – the possibilities are truly endless.

Use greener companies
You might find yourself commenting on how much packaging seems to be wasted by various companies, or think that a company could do a lot more to minimise its effect on the environment. Some parcels come in mountains of plastic or include ingredients that are well known to cause conflict to animal habitats across the world.

Next time you feel that guilt, take a look online to see whether you can find alternative companies that do more to help the environment or at least minimise its footprint. It could be a company that pledges to never use plastic packaging, or an alternative brand of food that gives back to the environment it takes from, or bases its business plan around being a greener choice,like Shiply.

These days there’s so much information out there for you to make your own decisions about the brands you buy from so get researching!

Make money online
A great incentive for going green is knowing that you’ll be financially rewarded for it. Selling unwanted bits online means you’re stopping something from going to landfill without having to store it in your home for an indeterminate amount of time.

Sign up to sites like eBay and start listing some items. You’ll feel good for decluttering and you might even make a nice amount of money from it. Get the family involved by turning it into a competition for who can declutter their bedroom the fastest, or who can make the most money!

Experimental baking
If you’ve got a jar of something in the cupboard that’s been there for quite some time, unopened and waiting for it’s time to shine, why not Google some recipes that include this ingredient and see what amazing things you can make!

If it’s similar to something you already use in many recipes, try substituting it for this instead and see what you can conjure up. It could be swapping meat for tofu. If all else fails, try donating to your local food bank so it doesn’t end up in landfill.

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